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Saturday, May 30, 2020


I want to be yours.
I want to be missed by you each time we part.
Lusting for you even when we are together.
Passion and intimacy off the charts.
When you ebb, I flow.
Primal, yet delicate.
Our connection is undeniable.
You want to be mine.
You want to shout to the world that I am yours.
You accept me for me.
Mind, body, & soul.
You're the fire and I'm the ice.
Together, the possibilities are endless.

Monday, January 20, 2020

I Wanna Live Forever

I thought about you today. It's been awhile so it surprised me when it happened. I'm not sure what made me think of you or why I wanted to go back and read every post I've written about you. Something unspoken inside of me, I guess. Maybe it's because I've now been single for over 10 years. I'm beginning to lose hope. The light inside of me is starting to fade.

Am I truly that unlovable or is it that I haven't let anyone close to me in so long? Why is it that I can't find the spark easily and it's always so few and far between these days? Am I destined to be alone forever? They say you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you, and maybe that's been the problem all along. Maybe it's me that is broken still. Maybe it's me that needs healing.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Never Trust a Bad Boy by Kira Adams

So as I have briefly mentioned, I have a new book coming out...finally!

It's called Never Trust a Bad Boy and it's part of a multi-author series in which all books are standalones. There are 5 total books in the series. I finally got NTABB onto GR, so you can add it to your TBR list here

I've been terrible at updating in general, so this is my attempt. Check out an excerpt from my upcoming release here and stay tuned for November 26th when it releases. :)

He enters the room, his presence sucking the air out of it. He holds his head up, his lowered eyes casting over the abandoned space. “How are you doing, Mija? Did they treat you okay?” He reaches his hand out to my face, caressing the side of it.
His concern is not genuine. This is his favorite game – make me think that he actually cares about someone other than himself and then shatter that as soon as a few moments pass by. The only thing I can do is nod silently.
He crouches down so that he is eye level to me. My heart pounds against my ribcage. He tucks some of my hair behind my ears like a doting father and then takes a deep breath. “Where’s the money, Kail?”
For a moment, his words don’t even digest. My focus is on his faux fatherly gestures that were always something I yearned for but never got. Even as a baby, he probably held me a handful of times. Eduardo could never be described as loving. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Late: Cover Reveal - The Never Trust Series

Sorry I am so late with this, but here is the cover reveal for the Never Trust Series, it's a multi-author series I am a part of which is releasing in about a week.

Never Trust a Player by Breigh Stout

Never Trust a Frat Boy by Alora Kate

Sunday, September 15, 2019


You've been on my mind since the first time my eyes laid sight on you. With every passing meeting and moment, my feelings for you grew.

Admiration. Adoration. Lust.

You were a complete gentleman.

Attentive. Supportive. Inclusive.

When we first crossed paths, I was seeing someone. Nevertheless, you remained on my mind.

Your commanding personality, your handsome features, your enthusiastic nature. It was hard not to be intoxicated by you.

And then I started toeing the line. Letting you know I'd be open to something more. But your mysterious nature, the same one that drew me to you began to trump everything else.

You gave me a part of yourself one night. Multiple parts that I've kept locked away for safe keeping. Parts that made my heart full and eager.

You let me into a part of your world after. A very important part. You told me it wasn't something you did for just anyone. Special doesn't even describe how you made me feel.

But you also kept me at an arm's length. Enough to keep me salivating for more, enough to keep your heart safe and guarded.

But what you don't know is that I've been admiring you from afar for months. What you don't know is that being around you has made me feel something I haven't felt in over 10 years. Something I've been chasing but never thought I'd find again.

And now begins the overthinking, the ball in the pit of my stomach telling me that I've misread all of the signs. That you are not into me the same way I'm feeling you. That I'm not running through your mind day and night like you are through mine.

I'm terrified to ask where your head is at because it may change everything. And I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I'm not sure I'm ready to lose you. Not yet.

We come from vastly different worlds and yet I crave more. I want to know more. There is so much time, yet it ticks by so quickly I worry those fleeting moments may be all I will get.

I'm not naive enough to think you've been alone these last six years. I haven't been alone the last ten years. But I wasn't settling because I was looking for that passion. That missing flame.

I'm not anything compared to the women you've spent time with and you are completely different from the guys who have occupied my time. But there is only 1 me and there is only 1 you and my hope is that we went through all the other bullshit to find each other. That we were just waiting to find that person we could be ourselves with. The person we could let our walls down for.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

I Wish I Could Pretend I Didn't Need Ya

I haven't felt this way in over 10 years. The excitement, the giddiness. It's unmatched. But I want to see an effort from the person I'm going to give myself to this time around. Maybe this will be just a fleeting good time, but I care about this person a lot. I don't want to ruin our friendship. And maybe that's why he's kept me at arms length for so long. Because the chemistry we have is magnetic. It's to be said that he has the exact same name as my ex. But signs have never panned out well for me in the past. He has no idea I know his name, I have no idea if he feels the same.

Le sigh.

Someday, right? That's what I keep reminding myself. Someday I will find my person.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Cover Reveal: Eleanor & Grey by Brittainy C. Cherry

E&G - CR banner.jpg

Eleanor & Grey, an all-new beautiful and emotional standalone from Brittainy C. Cherry is coming April 8th and we have the gorgeous cover for you!

Eleanor & Grey FOR WEB.jpg
Greyson East left his mark on me.
As the young girl who first fell for him, I didn’t know much about life. I did know about his smiles, though, and his laughs, and the strange way my stomach flipped when he was near.
Life was perfect…until it wasn’t, and when we were forced to go our separate ways, I held on to our memories, let go of my first crush, and wished for the day I’d find him again.
When my wish came true, it was nothing like I imagined.
I couldn’t have known when I took the nanny position that it would be his children I looked after, that my new boss would be that boy I used to know, that boy who was now a man—a cold, lonely, detached man.
The smile and laugh I had loved so much were gone, now distant memories. Every part of him was covered in a fresh pain.
When he realized who I was, he made me promise to do my job and my job only.
He made me promise not to try to get to know him, not to recall the memories I’d treasured all this time.
But, sometimes, I saw the boy I’d once known in his stormy eyes. I saw the Greyson who smiled and laughed, who had stolen a young girl’s heart, and there was no doubt in my mind that this boy was worth fighting for.
I was given a second chance with the one who’d left his mark on me. All I hoped was that somehow I’d leave a mark on his soul, too.

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Cover Designer: Hang Le
Photographer: Rafa G Cátala

About Brittainy:
Author Brittainy C. Cherry is an Amazon #1 bestselling author. She has been in love with words since the day she took her first breath. She graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Creative Writing. Her novels have been published in 18+ countries around the world. Brittainy lives in Brookfield, Wisconsin with her fur babies.

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