Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mid-Life Crisis #2 - Age: 31

So I'm guessing you've seen the title. I kind of feel like that's where I'm at in life currently. I went through my first mid-life crisis at the young age of 26. Now, here I am again 5 years later. 

I'm unhappy with a lot of things in my life currently. I know I need to make changes, but it's easier said than done in some of these cases. I wish I could have someone to share my life with, but I'm almost thinking it's better I don't because I'm not 100% yet, and I don't want someone to have to see me like this. 

I don't know. Sometimes I wish I could go back and relive old memories just so I can remember what it feels like to really care about someone and have the feelings reciprocated. 

I had my first breakdown moment when it comes to books in front of one of my best friends. It's happened once and once only, but it was sad and real. I told him that I had gone back and re-read a couple of my books and I worried that maybe I've been lying to myself this whole time, and maybe I'm not that good of a writer. He reminded me that I've written 13 books, why would I ever want to stop now? And I know he's right, it's just so hard sometimes to put so much into it and not get much ROI. 

I have only made $7500 off of my books in 3 years, and while that's $7500 more than I would have had, I also put out at least that plus some to get the covers, editing, formatting, etc. 

I know there are some authors out there that will sell less than $20 a month on their books, and I know there are others out there who will sell more than $10k a month. I am fortunate to land somewhere in the middle, but there is no magical formula. If I ever find out about one, I'll let you know. A few months ago I made $8 on my books. I don't think I've made that little since the first month I published back in May '14. It's disheartening to put so much of myself into each book and not see it gain the traction I would hope for. 

I'm also starting to really worry that I'll never be ready to be with someone again and I'll end up alone forever. The thought has really been messing with me a lot lately. I really hope I'm wrong.

Cover Reveal: The Four Seasons Series by Alora Kate

The Four Seasons Series New Cover Reveal!
The Four Seasons Series
-From Summer to Fall
-Between Tristan and Hannah
-A Chance with Spring
-Chasing Winter
Author: Alora Kate
Genre: New Adult Romance

The Four Seasons Series is having new covers and new content!! Available as a box set or single books. 
Front Cover Four Seasons Boxset.jpg

Book 1 & 2: Not one love story but two! Follow Summer, Tristan, Hannah and Fall for the first time as they go through the ups and downs of young love. Book 3: Meet Spring and Chance on the journey of trust when an old flame of Chances shows up in town. Book 4: We finally get to meet Winter; have your tissues ready for an emotional ending to this amazing series! Rated R; not suitable for readers under 18 due to sexual content, language, violence.

New Cover FSAF.jpg

#1: In this book, you will read about not one love story but two.
About a family of not only blood but heart.
Summer and Hannah are best friends; more like sisters if either, one was to be asked.
Fall is Summer’s beloved but annoying older brother.
Something has changed within the fun-loving brother she used to know.
Now only glimpses are seen and Summer would give anything to help the
brother she loves find his way out of his own personal darkness and into the light.
Tristan is Fall’s best friend and the guy who makes
Summers heart pound in a way that no one else has ever made her feel.
Hannah loves Fall; always has. Even his faults and flaw.
Tristan and Fall are football stars on and off the field.
Fall loves sex with as many girls willing to throw themselves into his bed.
What happens when Hannah becomes one of Fall’s many?
And when Tristan notices the one girl who has always
been there on the sidelines, how will Summer cope?

New Cover BTAH.jpg

#2: Hannah’s unconditional love helps Fall talk about his painful past in an attempt to move forward. Old wounds are healing, but new uncertainty is looming for Hannah. Tristan told Summer a secret that he’s never told anyone and he knows she is struggling with believing him.
The story continues for Fall, Hannah, Summer and Tristan as they start new journeys of trust and relationships. They’ll be tested. Their bonds will either grow stronger or crumble under the pressure.

New Cover ACWS.jpg

#3: The moment Chance laid eyes on Spring; he knew she was the one for him. Spring on the other hand doesn’t, or maybe she’s just afraid of her true feelings for him. Chance wants more than anything for Spring to admit to herself she’s in love with him. However, an old girlfriend of Chances shows up and things get a little out of control. How will Spring handle his ex-girlfriend coming back into his life? And why exactly is she back?

New Cover CW.jpg

#4: Everyone has secrets but some are worse than others are. Some people are ashamed of their secrets. Some people are terrified of how others will react to their secrets. Chase and Winter both have secrets. They both have demons and a past that haunts them. This is the final book in The Four Seasons series and we finally get to meet Winter and Chase. How will they deal when they learn about each other’s pasts? Will Chase still continue to chase Winter?

About The Author:
Alora Kate is a multi-genre author who likes to be bold and original; stepping outside of the box and bringing her readers fresh characters from all parts of life. She’s a mother, college student, photographer, and graphic designer. She resides in northern MN with her son, where she plans to stay for a long time despite the cold winters.
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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cover Reveal: The Map to You by Lindy Zart

Title: The Map to You
Author: Lindy Zart
Publisher: Lyrical Press, an imprint of Kensington Publishing
Release Date: November 28th, 2017


Keeping his inner demons at bay means Blake Malone has more than enough trouble on his plate. He doesn’t need any extra complications. But that’s exactly what he gets when, on his way to North Dakota, he leaves his truck unattended—and returns to find a beautiful woman sleeping in the front seat.

Opal Allen seems to have a knack for attracting trouble. Which is why she isn’t about to tell her new road trip companion the real reason she needs to hightail it out of town. But Blake has a way of seeing right through her, which is both terrifying and exhilarating. Now her biggest problem is figuring out how to resist their undeniable attraction. Because once this road trip is over, she plans on never seeing Blake again.

But the best adventures don’t go according to plan.


Last I checked, I was traveling alone. 

I walk to my grandfather’s truck, a 1987 Ford F-series pickup in blue and white, and blink at the small form curled up on the seat. 

Under the darkened dome of the sky, it’s hard to discern anything other than the size of the thing inside my truck, and that it has dark hair. It could be a man, a woman—even a kid. I quickly scan the parking lot, searching for any accomplices to a premeditated crime involving yours truly. 

It’s the end of August, and the days can be wicked humid and hot, but the same can’t be said for the nights. I have on a light jacket to help keep the chill off my skin. I glance into the cab of the truck. Small as this person is, they have to be feeling the cold. 

The night is still and quiet, only two other vehicles taking up parking spaces of the 24-hour convenience store. It’s after midnight on a Wednesday. Most sane people are home and in bed. I focus on the stranger in my truck. Whatever they’re up to, it’s bound to be nefarious. I like my share of nefarious dealings, as long as I’m the one doing them. 

Muttering to myself and craving a cigarette, I carefully set down the plastic bag of chips, beef jerky, and orange juice I purchased to curb the hunger gnawing at my gut. I rub the stubble along my jaw, head cocked, as I come to a decision. It’s an easy one—whoever they are, they can’t stay in my truck. 

Hands out, palms down, I soundlessly skulk around the front of the truck and toward the passenger side. My eyes shift from side to side in pursuit of any possible friends of theirs hoping to make my night especially spectacular with a blunt object to the back of the head. I feel ridiculous, sure I look like the Pink Panther slinking around in the dark. 

My boot kicks a piece of gravel and it pings against the side of the truck my mother secretly kept in a storage unit all these years for me. I didn’t even know the truck was still around until my brother Graham unknowingly drove it from North Dakota to Wisconsin my last week in the Cheesehead state. I just about cried when I saw it. Just about, but not quite—because crying would be bad for my image. My throat burned from keeping it in, though, and when Kennedy, Graham’s girlfriend, commented on the redness of my eyes, I told her it was a reaction to whatever perfume she’d doused herself in. 

Smooth, that’s me. 

I wince, hoping the rock didn’t do any damage to the truck. This is one of the last pieces I have of the man who never judged me in all the years he was alive. Good thing for my grandfather’s untarnished view of me that my life didn’t completely fall to shit until after he died. 

A head snaps up, and large, dark eyes slam into mine. I freeze against the unexpected jolt of them. The woman appears youngish, her face pointy and elfin. Her features are interesting, like it couldn’t be decided whether to make her look exotic or plain. We study one another for one charged moment, and then whatever had her immobile collapses. Her mouth opens in a piercing scream, and she scrambles to the middle of the cab. I jerk back, her reaction startling me. 

“What the hell kind of a person creeps up on someone like that?” she accuses. Her voice is breathless, but there is an undertone of huskiness that brings my nerve endings to attention. 

I open my mouth with the intention of apologizing, and then realize what I’m about to do. Scowl taking over my features, I grip the door handle and pull. She scoots across the seat with her back to the driver’s side door and, wide-eyed, looks back at me. 

“Get out…of my truck,” I say slowly, setting my palms on the worn and torn vinyl upholstery to lean forward menacingly.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Release Blitz: Tied by Carian Cole

Title: Tied
Series: Devils Wolves #2
Author: Carian Cole
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: June 26, 2017


He was the myth and the legend of our small town. But no one knew the truth... except me.


My childhood was stolen by a monster. I’ve forgotten what love feels like. What happiness feels like. What hope feels like. I am numb.


He’s possibly as damaged as I am. Maybe even more. Scarred just as much on the inside as the outside. Just like me. He doesn’t speak. He doesn’t smile. He hides in the woods like an animal.  I should be scared of him. But I’m not. He’s the only one that has ever made me feel. And I want to make him feel, too. everything...

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Author Bio

I have a passion for the bad boys, those covered in tattoos, sexy smirks, ripped jeans, fast cars, motorcycles and of course, the sweet girls that try to tame them and win their hearts. My debut series, Ashes & Embers, follows the lives of rock band members as they find, and sometimes lose, the loves of their lives.

Born and raised a Jersey girl, I now reside in beautiful New Hampshire with my husband and our multitude of furry pets and spend most of my time writing, reading, and vacuuming.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

What Comes Next?

I released my 13th book 3 days ago on June 22nd, and had a pretty successful release. While the story has been getting mixed reviews overall I have still been receiving quite a lot of positive feedback and support.

I've been taking a break from writing since I finished UGC, because I need to remember that there is life apart from writing and I need to be living it. I'm failing quite miserably at that, but I just keep telling myself there is always tomorrow.

There is pressure of what to write next as I don't want to let anyone down. After so many people felt blase about UGC, I know I need to hit a home run next. Reality Squared has been weighing heavy on my conscience recently. I think I may attempt to tame that beast.

I'm still struggling with my weight. I gained a few pounds over the last week and it's really put me in a funk. Even if I don't leave my apartment, I've been trying to be active every single day.

I forgot to mention that I assaulted myself in my sleep the other day, so I've been dealing with soreness and bruising all over. Some idiots decided it was close enough to put on their own Fourth of July celebration and it was right outside my living room window. I had coincidentally fallen asleep on the couch that night due to not feeling so well and when the fireworks went off I thought there was a gun fight. Don't laugh - I live in Vegas, it's not too far fetched is it? Anyways, apparently I hurled myself from the couch into a wall and skinned my knee, bruised it all over, got a knot on the top of my head, bruised my ear, and both of my shoulders feel like I've been assaulted. All of this happened while I was dead asleep. I'm only telling you this story so I can have a history of it. This would happen to me.

I'm still having trouble opening up to people. I'm still not where I want to be in life. In any aspect. I feel like a mess at my age. I feel like I need to get a handle on my vices. I need to be more responsible. I need to feel more confident. Once I tackle these things then I think I could entertain the idea of a stable person coming into my life and my home.

I'm just rambling. It's been a while since I've been real with you guys. Hope your summer is treating ya well.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Release Blitz: Ultimate Game Changer by Kira Adams

Title: Ultimate Game Changer
Author: Kira Adams
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2017

He's my brother's best friend. 

When my parents died, a part of me died along with them. Nothing mattered anymore; everything lost its meaning. I lived my life in moments, good and bad, but somewhere along the way, I stopped living. 

We only had each other, and Cade, he did a hell of a job looking after me. They doubted we could make it; they doubted our resolve. 

Braxton has lived next door to us ever since we moved in with my aunt after the horrific accident. Cade took to him so quickly; they've been inseparable ever since. Their favorite pastime? Torturing me. But something has shifted between us recently, and I'm seeing him in a whole new light now. I know my brother will never accept it, but he's drawing me in like a moth to a flame.
He pushes off the doorframe, closing some distance between us. He is now close enough that I can feel his breath on my face when he speaks. There are droplets of water left on his chiseled chest, and he looks like he just stepped out of a magazine ad.

The hairs all over my body are standing up, and I’m worried that I am visibly shaking. God, he is going to give me hell for this. 

He leans over so that his lips are dangerously close to my ear. “What’s the matter, Em? Are you feeling okay?”

His breath tickles my ear and sends shivers down my spine. 

“What are you doing?” I ask, my voice shaky.

“Nothing,” he replies, pulling away enough so I can see his face and then batting his eyelashes innocently. “I just love watching you squirm.”

I push him away, annoyed. Within seconds Braxton has my back up against a wall and he is pressing into me as he trails his mouth and breath dangerously close to my ear. It takes a few moments for me to register what else I feel because I can barely catch my breath. Braxton is Cade’s best friend. I know he gets off messing with me…but he’s never taken it this far before and I feel completely out of control.
Krista Pakseresht has always been a dreamer, from the first time she opened her eyes. Creating worlds through words is one thing she is truly talented at. She specializes in Young adult/New adult romance, horror, action, fantasy, and non-fiction under the pen name Kira Adams. She is the author of the Infinite Love series, the Foundation series, the Darkness Falls series, and A Date with the Devil.