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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Teaser Tuesday!

Since I work 24/7 I haven't had time to sit down and write a proper blog! But soon, I promise. Here's a teaser from my newest WIP (currently untitled):

            I never intended to fall. In fact, when I boarded that plane back home, it was the furthest thing from my mind. It hit me like a ton of bricks the other night. We were just hanging out at our usual beach spot when she looked up at me and the moon glistened off her face just so, illuminating her undeniable beauty. I knew quickly on I would never meet anyone like Madalynne Johnson. Beauty, brains, and genuine? Yes, please. I could tell she was into me; it wasn’t rocket science. But I knew what I wanted out of life; adventure and excitement. Without much effort I found that Maddy encompassed all of that and more.
            I remember the first night I woke up in a cold sweat. I glanced over at Maddy, peacefully asleep beside me and it slowed my heart race; calmed me down. The effect she had on me was unlike any I had ever felt before. It was a feeling of comfort and safety; it felt right.
            Deep down I know she has a guy back home…but I try to avoid these thoughts. Eventually, a decision will be forced upon her, stay in Hawaii with me—or leave for him…I’ve been making the most of our time together for this exact reason.
            I glance down at her, making a mental note that she is still fast asleep. I gently sweep her long brown hair out of her face and kiss her on the forehead. She stirs a little from this before rolling over and dominating my side of the bed. I can’t help but smile. Normally I would be in bed with her, snuggling, but I want to surprise her. I want to show her how much of an impact she has made on my life. I have never dated anyone I’ve felt this strongly about. Meaning I never bothered to go the extra mile. Sleeping beauty over there is beyond worth it to me.
            Earlier, I woke up at dusk and raced out to the closest pharmacy where I picked up a small box of chocolates and a card. I was painfully aware of the holiday—Valentine’s Day. If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t have even bothered—but Maddy only deserves the best.
            Little encouraging affectionate notes are scattered all over the ground; so unlike me. I never have to worry about the chase—girls fall all over me every day. Maddy fell as easily if not as quickly. But it wasn’t the same on my end. I fought the attraction, the chemistry, and the passion. But knowing what I know—the other guy in her life was going to be getting out of Basic soon; it lit a fire up under my ass.
            I grab the breakfast tray which is loaded with toast, bacon, eggs, and orange juice and make my way back to my bedroom.
            I sit down on the edge of the bed. I’m just about to wake her when I see her begin to stir. “What smells so good?” She asks through closed eyes.
            “Open your eyes,” I whisper, awaiting her response.
            She rubs her eyes a few times before switching them to me. “Breakfast? You made me breakfast in bed?” She sits up excitedly, a surprised reaction taking over her face.
            I nod without replying.
            “What’s the occasion?” She asks. It appears Valentine’s Day was the last thing on her mind; and probably for good reason.
            “Just ‘cause,” I lie. She’ll eventually realize, but it’s kind of nice messing with her.
            She smiles a big grin before hastily grabbing the breakfast tray and immediately pigging out.
            “I take it you were hungry?” I laugh, stretching. “Now I need a nap! I’ve been slaving away on your breakfast all morning and I didn’t even get a thank you…”
            She rolls her eyes at me. “Shut up and kiss me.”
            I obey; closing the distance between us, I lower my lips to hers.
            This is the woman I love. The first woman I’ve ever loved. I am determined to make her mine, only mine.

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