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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Zombified

Hey guys!

It's that time again; Teaser Tuesday! This time I picked a never before seen snippet from an unreleased chapter of Into the Darkness. Enjoy.

The biter came out of nowhere. Ike went for it out of habit but a voice rose up out of Rian I wasn’t expecting then. “No,” she said firmly. “Let me do it.”

She had taken us all by surprise, judging by the matching expressions we were all wearing.
“Are you sure?” Ike asked, his eyes planted firmly on me for approval.

I had known this time would come, I just hadn’t been expecting it so soon…

I nodded my head hesitantly knowing there was no way to go back at this point. In the new world we were living in, it was inevitable this day would come.

The biter looked worse for wear. Its skin was greying and decaying. His right arm had been severed from his body and was hanging by mere tendons.

The smell perforating off him was enough to make anyone sick, yet was something we had grown accustomed to. 

“The head is the money spot,” Ike whispered as the biter slowly approached. “Just like we practiced.”

I looked up at Ike then, expectantly. Practiced? How long had Ike been secretly training her behind my back? How long had I been wrapped up in my losses to realize?

I winced as Rian brought the bat down hard again and again, smashing in the biters skull. I found myself wondering who he had been before all of this; a teacher? A grocer? A mail man? It didn’t really matter anymore, but it helped keep my sickness at bay.

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