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Anonymous said...

Have you read any of my stories yet? Which one was your favorite and why?

I've read all of them, lol. My favorite so far is Beautifully Broken because Lee is just ♥ I also like how you didn't make them perfect. The romance is more realistic where as other books I've read are all about the "perfect" couple who have no real issues to overcome.

Anonymous said...

I'll enter the other contest too becuase more copies = more reads and reviews for you! :D

Who is your favorite male from the Infinite Love series and why?

My favorite male is Lee. I just love a boy with a good heart, even if he doesn't show it all the time. And I love, love, LOVE his sense of adventure. I would love to be able to travel with him. Plus he lives in Hawaii, I mean who wouldn't want to live there?