Monday, October 20, 2014

Am I Rambling Again?

Crickets. I know. It's been crickets for awhile, and I truly apologize for that. I let life get in the way again...I tend to do that more than I'd like to. 

Gosh, I feel like I haven't updated this thing in forever. Please bear with me. I know there is going to be a lot to cover. 

First off, the Indie Fall Fest starts in 4 days! That means 3 weeks of blogs highlighting awesome authors and a HUGE giveaway. You can't miss it! It's going to be so much fun. I've already began setting up my first week of posts. They are looking good. I'm excited about the new foot traffic that will be coming through for it.

I'm going to be the first post on Kristen's blog, so you'll have to hop over to her blog on October 25th to check out all the fun! 

I've been taking part in quite a few author takeovers and they have been going great! I gained over 150 likes from the last three I was apart of, and my name is circulating more now! That's really exciting. I've been giving away TONS of eBooks and even a few signed paperbacks! It's a lot of money, but I am hoping it will all pay off in the end.

Another author, J.L. Beck, who writes the Bittersweet Series won a copy of The Fighter, (on release day), so I also gifted her Pieces of Me for the back story. She is going to leave a review. It will be my first review from an author that is trending right now. I'm excited to hear what she thinks about the series. She expressed interest in Into the Darkness as well, so that's exciting.

Kristen from Pretty Little Pages is helping me with a bit of marketing and we will be doing a couple of book blitzes for Beautifully Broken! I am so freaking excited for this. I've always said Beautifully Broken is a dark horse. 

My cover designer, Emmy from Cover Me Book Designs made me some freaking amazing teasers for all my books out currently and those are what you are seeing throughout this post. I am so in love with them!! 

The Fighter is officially being released on the 28th of October. I signed up for another book blitz through YA Bound Book Tours. I am excited to see how well it will go and if it will affect sales for Pieces of Me

I saw my first statement from Amazon since I moved all my books to Kindle Unlimited and my sales doubled. It was awesome! So far I am really enjoying the program, even if it is only exclusive to selling on Amazon.

Into the Darkness is with it's last and final beta reader. I am nervous because she runs one of the bigger and more influential blogs that is around currently, but I am hoping that if she does like it, she will promote the heck out of it. I am thinking November 15th for it's release day, but haven't made a final decision yet.

I have decided to take part in NaNoWrImo again this year. I am thinking I will probably write Against All Odds then. It will only be the second NA book I have written and a lot of people are looking forward to it. Plus, I am ready to finally delve into Austyn & Avery's story. If I am able to finish it, I should be able to publish it around the beginning of the year. I'm really excited. 

Besides Against All Odds, I am looking forward to starting on Emerging from Darkness, the second book in my Darkness Falls series, and finally sitting down and fleshing out Reality Squared. I've always said Reality Squared was THE book. But it's been so overwhelming. Before I sit down to flesh it out I am going to read a couple fantasy novels and others that have to do with alternate universes.

I've had some awesome reviews on my books recently! I am over 20 reviews on Amazon for POM! I also just gifted out a TON of books in exchange for honest reviews. Can't wait to see who follows through. Anyways, I'm sure I've rambled on enough...

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