Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Celebrating the Small Successes

I started my publishing journey about 6 months ago. I guess I was disillusioned that success would come much quicker than it has. 6 months really isn't a long time and I guess I had unrealistic expectations. I am my biggest critic. Everyday I wonder what I could do better. The thing is, I don't celebrate my successes often, so I want to take a moment to do so. A lot of things have happened since I've began publishing that have made me smile. 
  • I have published 5 books in 6 months. 
  • I am approached by readers who love the books I write on a consistent basis.
  • I have been told on more than one occasion that I am someone's favorite author.
  • I compiled my most passionate readers and created a Street Team which currently has 15 members. It's still in it's infancy, but that is 15 readers who believe in me and my journey. 
  • Found an awesome PA. Apart from being a great friend and blogger, she is someone I trust, so it's been a great experience so far. 
  • All of my novels out currently have 20 reviews or more. 
  • Pieces of Me is nearing 50 reviews, 23 of those, 5-star. 
  • I've sold just about 500 e-books. Between all of my 5 books, it's really not a lot...but it is better than nothing. 
  • I met the most amazing cover designer who is also an author and has become an amazing friend. 
  • I have met incredible indie authors, PA's, and bloggers. 
  • My reach is growing. People are taking note of me and paying more attention than ever before.
  • My blog is finally being viewed after years of no one seeing it. Now on average, it is visited at least 25x a day. Which is a huge increase from nothing. 
  • More people offer to beta read/review for me than ever before. 
  • I joined 3 other authors in a box set of musical contemporary romance novels. 
  • I have over 1800 likes on my Facebook author page. Getting close to the 2000 mark!
  • My family is finally beginning to come around and take interest in my writing. 
Although some days I wish I had more instant success, I know how hard I have worked for everything on this list and I do appreciate the small successes.

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