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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Spotlight Saturday: Rose Montague

Welcome to Kira Adams' Spotlight Saturday! Every week I will be featuring a different author in the industry. Indie, trad, small press, etc. The point is to help get the word out about new authors and books they are releasing. Maybe you will find your next favorite author. Maybe you will find a story that will touch your soul. Maybe you will participate in the giveaway in hopes of winning a prize. Whatever the case may be, thank you for being here. 

This weeks featured author is Rose Montague. 

What inspired you to begin writing?

One of my hobbies was as an advocate for those I felt were falsely accused or wrongfully convicted and I was very active on the blogs and discussion boards for a few years. At some point I realized that in a matter of just three years I had written over a million words on this topic, in my spare time, and without even trying. I have always been a big reader and I just felt I didn't have the time to write. This realization changed that, and I managed to write my first book in my spare time.

Who are your favorite authors?

I write urban fantasy and that is also my favorite genre to read in.  I love the Dresden books by Jim Butcher. Ilona Andrews, Faith Hunter, Charlaine Harris, and Patricia Briggs are all awesome. I also read and write in the young adult genre and I am not ashamed to say I loved both Twilight and Hunger Games. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment since publishing?

I started out with my first book published by a small press. That was exciting, but I think when I self-published my first book that gave me even more of a sense of accomplishment.

4 LOLs, 5 WTFs, & 6 OMGs Surprises, plot twists, & shockers keep coming ♥ (From Jade - Book One in the Three J'amigos series)

Meet Jade Smith, a magical mutt with a mission. A detective partnered with a shifter named Rolfe, she’s on the case to solve a slew of murders: Vamps are killing humans, and nobody knows why. When London Jane, the most powerful vamp in town, is implicated in the murders, Jade knows something isn’t right. Together with Jill, the Winter Queen of Faerie, Jade and Jane take their investigation underground. On the run, with nowhere to hide, they uncover a secret that could destroy Faerie, as well as the human realm. Will Jade stop the killer in time? Or will she be the next victim? 

Magic, mayhem, and mystery abound, and the odds are stacked against them; it’s three against three hundred.

Rose Montague is the author of The Three J'amigos (Jade, Jane, & Jill) series as well as the Norma Jean's School of Witchery series (Jewel & Ghost School). Rose has worked in several libraries and book stores and currently lives in Elon, NC.

Her books feature kick-but female heroines, supernatural creatures of all kinds, non-stop action, a good bit of humor, and a light touch of romance. 

For a complete list of her books, check out the author page for Rose Montague here...

Twitter: @RoseMontague

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