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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Spotlight Saturday: Tijan

Welcome to Kira Adams' Spotlight Saturday! Every week I will be featuring a different author in the industry. Indie, trad, small press, etc. The point is to help get the word out about new authors and books they are releasing. Maybe you will find your next favorite author. Maybe you will find a story that will touch your soul. Maybe you will participate in the giveaway in hopes of winning a prize. Whatever the case may be, thank you for being here. 

This weeks featured author is Tijan. Full disclosure: She’s one of my favorite authors!!

What inspired you to begin writing?
I started writing after I had graduated college already. Nothing triggered it in me. I think I had storylines in my head all my life and I just needed to get them out of me one day. Once I started typing them out, I knew that's what I wanted to do: write stories and get paid for them! Dream job.

How long have you been writing?
Like twelve years maybe? But I've only been making money from it for four or five. 

What book inspired you to begin writing?
No book! 

Who is your favorite author(s)?
Oh boy. A ton! JK Rowling, Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts, Jennifer Armentrout. 

If you had to choose a fictional character from one of your books to have lunch with, who would it be and why?
Logan Kade because he's hilarious and dark. Though, he's guarded too. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment since publishing?
Oh my gosh... um.... When I started making enough money to pay the rent, that was a huge accomplishment. Since then, it's been hitting this list, then this list, then hitting a list multiple times. I've been saving up so when I finally buy a house, I'll probably break down crying that first night because that'll be from writing. 

Do you have anything else in the works apart from your book/series?
Yep!! Ryan's Bed is a young adult stand-alone coming. It's very very sad. When I was writing it, I kept thinking who is going to want to read this? It's so depressing, and then I revealed the blurb and cover, and the response was huge. So, we'll see how that one goes. I've got a Hollywood Bad Boy actor meets a mustang whisperer type romance coming in May, Bad Boy Brody and after that, I do have a series coming. I've not announced anything, and I need to wait to finish Heather Jax's book before I can start saying anything yet. ;) 

What is the one piece of advice you would give to aspiring authors? 
Write for yourself. Honestly. Truly. If you write for money, for others, for other reasons--you'll have a hard time. 

Mason Kade is not known to be nice. He is ruthless, manipulative, and unforgiving. Most will say that he is a jerk and he is to those that cross him or cross his loved ones. However, he does not want to be who he is. He does not enjoy hurting others, but there is no limit to the lengths he will go to protect himself and his brother. This is the story of how he came to be and this is why so many love Mason Kade. 

This is a story of a destroyed family and the effects it had on a son. (46k novella) 

Tijan didn't start writing till later in life. She's hoping she's doing it right, and if not, she'll continue to keep trying! She is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of various romances in different genres, which include series and stand alones. She has an English Cocker that she absolutely adores, a man she couldn't be without, and this insatiable need to keep writing the words, all the words!


Unknown said...

Thank you!!

Kira Adams said...

You are very welcome. Thank you!!

A.C. said...

Love the interview!! Looking forward to Ryan's Bed

Unknown said...

An informative interview, thank you both.

(I found the red writing really difficult to read on a pink background. I hope it's ok to have mentioned that?)

Kira Adams said...


Thank you so much for the feedback. No matter what I do - if I format the text prior to publishing- it always defaults to the pink text. It was supposed to have been black. :-/ I'm worried I may have to leave blogger soon if this issue is not resolved as I cannot format anything!!

Unknown said...

So when I met Tijan last February in Annapolis I was literally speechless. Never in my life have I've made such a fool of myself when meeting an author. I truly love her!

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Awesome review!Sounds good ❤