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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dear Future Husband - Part Two

I really am a hermit to the core. I don't like to go out and party, I don't drink often, and I really enjoy coming home after a long day at work and then relaxing on the couch and watching Netflix or Hulu or possibly writing. 

I am pretty uncoordinated, but I was on dance team once back in high school. I won an award for most improved at the end of the year. I still dance pretty terribly, but I'm decent at following directions. 

I enjoy gambling. I try to limit myself with such temptation in the city I live in, but I love slots, Texas Hold 'Em, and Blackjack. I really love Free Bet Blackjack. 

I am an aunt to the most adorable niece and nephew. Kasra, my nephew is three years old now, and my sweet niece, Roya, is right around 6-7 months. 

I am a middle child, the only girl on my mother's entire side. I've been spoiled...a lot. 

I love going out to shows or concerts of bands I enjoy. I love comedy and have only been to shows I have put on as an agent.

My best friend is an entrepreneur as well. Photographer, model, graphic designer, you name it. I love being around creative people who are motivated to work for their dreams!

My mom is my best friend. I haven't lied to her in a very long time. I tell her everything. She's fragile though, more so than me. Handle her with kitten gloves. 

Until next time, lover...

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