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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sneak Peek of The Many Faces of Love

Like Gaga said, “Boys like you love me forever…” and I honestly believe they will always love me in one way or another. I know I changed their lives forever, some for the better--some not so much. But now, I finally understand how much I deserve…and what I can take away from all of these experiences so I don’t make the same mistakes again.

I’m trying something new--living without regret. Learning from lessons and moving on full force. I hope each of you can take away a valuable lesson from my experiences, or I simply hope you enjoyed a fresh read; either way, get out there and experience love. It can and will change your life, and hopefully for the better.

September 16th, 2008
Exes and Oh’s

I never lied.
I am amazing.
I told you that you would regret it.
I told you I was the best thing to happen to you.
I told you that you would never find anyone better.
I was right.
I'm always right.
You let me go.
And I guess that's something you will have to live with.
But me?
I will smile and know I never gave up without a fight.

You told me that when you make a decision you don't care about anything else.
You told me that you think about me from time to time.
You told me that I never deserved what you put me through.
You told me that I was stupid and worthless.

But I know I changed every one of your lives.

I loved you and tried to make you feel the same way.
I did everything for you, I always put you first.
I let you belittle me online to everyone you knew.
I fucked you over more times than I can count.


I know that someday you'll wake up.
If you already haven't.
And realize that I am with someone else.
And I am happy.
And that you could have had this.
You could have had a blessed life with someone like me.
But you don't.
And I hope you remember not to make the same mistake again.
I hope you don't ever hurt her like you hurt me.
I hope you never make her cry like you made me cry.
Or make her feel like she is nothing.

Thank you for letting me go.
Thank you for being my learning experience.
Thank you for choosing her.
Thank you for making me realize.

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