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Saturday, October 15, 2016

So You Want to Self-Publish: Stage Fourteen


In this industry, I can’t stress how important it is to stay relevant to your readers. The market is already so full and oversaturated, it doesn’t take long for someone else to capture their interest and keep it. Never let yourself become a small fish in a big pond. Become the fish in the pond.

I know life is busy and gets in the way. If anyone can understand and relate to that, it’s me. But I try to update my Facebook page at least a few times a week. Whether it is a teaser post or an on-the-fly update, I always try to find ways to keep my readers engaged.

Apart from social media, I try to stay relevant by getting writing done every week. I would love it if it were possible to find the time to write every single day, but that’s just not feasible with my lifestyle, so I compromise. I also watch a lot of television shows, read, watch movies, etc. to see what kind of trends are happening and what society is interested in.

Being able to pull readers in, capture their attention, and then continue to hold it for future novels is a talent in of itself. It always amazes me how loyal readers can be as long as you stay relevant. As long as I don’t decide to write a series and then take a year in between each book. I try to shoot for 3-6 months on any book I write from conception to completion. It seems aggressive, but if you put it in perspective, that’s really only 2-4 books a year. In my first year of publishing, I released 7 books. That seemed intense.

Whatever you do, don’t lose passion. Keep pushing and trying because at the end of the day there will be a payoff.

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