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Friday, August 02, 2013

I'm gonna love you like I've never been broken...

So as it turns out I am going to be 10 proofs down (of M&P) and $30 down the toilet. Essentially they are all going to be throw away novels, but I am still excited to get my hands on the paperback copies. I just began my third round of beta readers on Madalynne & Parker and have implemented so many changes at this point based off of reader feedback I hope my novel is only getting better. One of my beta readers was kind enough to rate the book a 3/5. Even with all of the annoying repetition. I still appreciated every bit of that 3!

This time around I am not going to be so quick to publish. I figure I can even wait until I make it to Vegas. I want to make sure my novel is the best it can be this time around before proofing it. I also decided that moving forward I want to publish with a pen name of Kira Adams. It seems simple enough and I can't tell you why but that name just stood out to me. Probably because the first name isn't too far off from my own.

I'm very anxious to finish writing Reality Squared next and then Pieces of Me. Every time I open each of the novels I get more excited and invested with the characters and the plots. I also typed up over 5000 words to one of my original series "Crescent Valley High" Name subject to change. It is older writing, so rougher around the edges, but the storyline is very compelling. 

I'm not sure what audience Reality Squared will attract. I have only sent it to one person thus far, and worry that the characters aren't engaging enough. I really need more betas, but I am going to attempt to finish the book first this time, rather than trying to get feedback early. 

I figure I will be able to start on Lee & Jacqueline soon as well, being a novella it shouldn't take me too long to write. And not only that, but it's an easier storyline to write and follow.

Everything has been so surprising from my beta reads, take a look at some of the awesome comments I received about Madalynne & Parker or me in general:

Well I'm glad to say you brought tears to my eyes. I felt a sense of betrayal with Parker's secret liaison with Jacqueline. I felt bad for Parker when Maddie falls for Lee. But then again both of them made mistakes.

I really enjoyed reading your book and I hope my feedback will help you make it better. Thanks for letting me read it. I look forward to the finished product.

For the most part the story has great bones. It will appeal to the Y A audience. Its not explicit and dramatic or over written.

If this is your first are gifted! I have read absolute crap and the books were published that way. Yours far surpassed being novice! Let me read when you finish just to see final product!

 I also thought the ending was great and enjoyed that we, as readers, got to find out what happened with Jacqueline & Lee

First, I love the character names.
This was an incredibly sweet story, and I rooted for Parker and Maddy the entire time.

 It was a quick read, which was nice and relaxing.

I really need to go to bed, like now. I've spent the entire day packing and writing...time for some shut eye. Tata!

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