Friday, August 09, 2013

It's beginning.

I am sitting on the ground of my room, amidst some blankets and pillows. It's really all that is left besides my two computers, chair, and a lamp. It still hasn't hit me yet. I'm sitting in my near empty room and I am still having trouble believing that it is finally happening. In less than five days I will be moving to Vegas. 

I had my last day of work at B&J today. Bittersweet. But happy that I am leaving minimum wage for good! I'm anxious and excited about the work I will be doing out there...I wonder when it will sink in, fully.

I haven't been able to hear in over a week and a half. It feels like my ears need to pop constantly and nothing does the trick. I know I need to go to a doctor, but I have no money or insurance. :(

I should probably mention by now that I finished Reality Squared! 47,000 words later and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Now the only thing I'm finding difficult is marketing it to beta readers. I know I have a decent product, I think it's better than decent. I think it has some real potential. But with only one beta reader, it's hard to tell.

I really need to understand which genre it fits in. I think that is what is scaring people off. They tend to not want to read a book that crosses over so many genres. I joined a writing group on Facebook through Goodreads and the people have been very attentive and insightful. I'm hoping they will give it a chance and some honest feedback to go along with it.

I really should be getting to sleep...but I am going to play around on the internet some more! Ciao!

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