Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Madalynne & Parker---WHAT?

There is so much going on with Madalynne & Parker, it's insane. Have I told you yet how amazing beta readers are? They spend their own time reading your written word in an attempt to help YOU make YOUR work better. And do you know what they get in return? Nothing...nada...maybe a simple thank you. Totally unfair if you ask me. So I have decided when I finish the novel...yes I said novel, and I will get to that in a bit! But, as I was saying...when I finish the novel, I would like to make sure each and every beta reader who helped me make it as great as it can be gets a personal hardcover copy. It's a long way out, but the thought excites me.

Now--on to the BIG news. Madalynne & Parker is no more. What, you say?! Not the novel itself, but the title. After a few beta readers admitted not connecting to the original title, it felt necessary. The new title thanks to one great beta reader, Suzanne, is: My Forever. It is going to be book #1 in my Infinite Love Series

I still have big plans for Lee & Jacqueline in book #2, but it will simply have it's own title. Something having to do with the book. I'm really excited about all the new changes to come.

Now, onto the novel. I know I have mentioned time and time again I never had any intention on making Madalynne & Parker anything other than a novella. However, after great feedback and criticism from the beta readers, I feel it is inevitable it is going to at least double in size. To be honest, I wrote this book over ten years ago, and never had any huge hopes for it...but people are responding better than I could have ever imagined. And I am finding the changes they are suggesting I make are right on point, improving my product with each one. 

I got the last 5 Proofs of Madalynne & Parker. The size 5x8 is perfect! Exactly what I want. Now, the next time I get them printed, it will be my last. I want to talk to my brother about doing the cover art for me. I am unhappy with the picture on it right now which could be in use by countless others for their eBooks. I want My Forever to stand out.

I should be preparing my move...but I am sitting in bed outlining more to the novel. I'm such a procrastinator!

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