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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ultimate Game Changer Sneak Peek

I am releasing UGC within in the next couple of months, I'm hoping to decide on a date firmly here in the next week. I've been getting great feedback from my beta readers, so I can't wait to see how it is received. Check out the excerpt below:
After a few minutes, the door to the bathroom opens, steam trickling into the room. To my surprise, it’s not Breigh at all on the other side of the door. Instead, a towel-clad Braxton is staring back at me. He tosses his head back, his brown hair flopping with it. Shivers crawl up my back.

“Braxton?” I say, more to myself than anything. If he’s here, where the heck is she? Better yet, where is my brother?

He grins back at me. “Don’t stare too hard, you might get attached.”

I scoff. “Yeah, right.” He looks downright tasty, but I’d never give him the satisfaction.

He pushes off the doorframe, closing some distance between us. He is now close enough that I can feel his breath on my face when he speaks. There are droplets of water left on his chiseled chest, and he looks like he just stepped out of a magazine ad.

The hairs all over my body are standing up, and I’m worried that I am visibly shaking. God, he is going to give me hell for this.

He leans over so that his lips are dangerously close to my ear. “What’s the matter, Em? Are you feeling okay?”

His breath tickles my ear and sends shivers down my spine.

“What are you doing?” I ask, my voice shaky.

“Nothing,” he replies, pulling away enough so I can see his face and then batting his eyelashes innocently. “I just love watching you squirm.”

I push him away, annoyed. Within seconds Braxton has my back up against a wall and he is pressing into me as he trails his mouth and breath dangerously close to my ear. It takes a few moments for me to register what else I feel because I can barely catch my breath. Braxton is Cade’s best friend. I know he gets off messing with me…but he’s never taken it this far before and I feel completely out of control.

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