Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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I knew deep down inside there was a possibility he would take it to that dark place, I just never admitted it aloud. I knew if I did, it would become real and I had been living in my own lie for so long; I didn’t want to believe it.

It isn’t until I smell the gasoline that I know we are at a point of no return.

"What are you doing?" I sputter out, gasping for breath. My ribs ache, and I have a splitting headache. I am blinking rapidly in an attempt to gain my bearings. I can feel the cold, hard concrete beneath me and I realize I am lying on the ground outside. The wind stings my face, sending goose bumps throughout my entire body.

Why can't I move?

Fear begins to accelerate through my bones at a rapid rate. I can feel my heart beating ferociously against my chest.

Why can't I move?

I'm still blinking continuously, hoping this is all just a bad dream.

"You should have listened, Bryce. You never listen."

I rack my brain quickly trying to remember what, if anything I did wrong this time. That's when Tyson's face pops into my head. Tyson was going to be my accomplice tonight. He didn’t know it, but he was going to help me escape this hell I’ve been confined in for the past couple of years.

I swallow loudly.

He warned you, my inner voice scolds me. The same voice that has held me frozen in fear in our relationship for the past two years.

I'm looking up at Robbie, and I don't even recognize him. His eyes are cold and dark, his expression blank.

That's when I see the match. He flicks it across the back of the holder and a flame ignites.

"No! No! Please!" I'm squirming around, but excruciating pain is shooting throughout my entire body.

"Just remember Bryce, you did this to yourself."

And then he drops the match.

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