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Saturday, November 07, 2015

My Beautiful Nightmare by Alisha Cole

My Beautiful Nightmare by Alisha Cole

Warning: This book is for ages 18+
This book contains dark, vivid scenes which include rape and suicidal tendencies. Please take caution when reading as it may cause triggers if you have experienced any of the listed above.

Laney Harper is a talented piano player who chooses to follow her dreams rather than follow her parents’ wishes of attending law school. Making that decision has sparked a rebellion in her that continues when she heads off to college. While there, she meets and falls for Jake Thomas, local rock star. 

Five years later, Laney comes back to her rocker boyfriend, but what’s waiting for her is not what she expected. Finally standing up for herself may be the worst mistake she has ever made, leading to some seriously dangerous consequences. 

The horror she endured sends her to therapist James Hardy, a man that can make her forget about her demons while hiding his own. 

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, but when the problem is buried deep down and the world seems like it’s against you, what do you do? 

As Laney struggles to get her life back on track, a chain of events is set off and she realizes she has walked into a beautiful nightmare…

 Chatting with Alisha 
What inspired you to write My Beautiful Nightmare (book 1 in the beautiful nothing series)? I loved to read dark books. I talked my plot ideas over with a few of my favorite authors and friends, they told me to go for it -- so I did. Music helped my my plot flow easily too.

How long have you been writing? 
I have been writing poems, my feelings, and short stories since I was 13.

What book inspired you to begin writing? 
It was always a way to escape the real world. I never thought about writing a book until my friends told me I could. When people have faith in you and support you, it really makes you shoot for the stars and follow any dreams that you have.

Who is your favorite author(s)? 
I have a lot of favorites, but the one that means the most to me not only is an amazing author and mentor, but one of my best friends. Heather Dahlgren is my favorite for sure! 
If you had to choose a fictional character from one of your books to have lunch with, who would it be and why? 
Lindsay, she is my main character's best friend. She is protective, funny and strong. I would love to have more friends like that in the real world.
What has been your biggest accomplishment since publishing?

My biggest accomplishment since publishing, I think would be not giving up when people put you down. Believing in yourself is a must in the book world. Self-doubt gets you nowhere.

Do you have anything else in the works apart from your book/series?

Yes I have a few actually. I have my contemporary romance, In Our Eyes that I have been working on. This one is very important to me, and I hope to touch people with their story. I also have the rest of the Beautiful Nothing Series.
                                              About the Author:
 Alisha Cole is 26 years old, a new romance author, book cover model and a mother. She resides in Delaware with her fiancĂ© and two children. Alisha has always had a love for writing and reading. She not only follows one of her dreams, she goes after them all. She is a pizza, Hello Kitty and Thor addict and let's not forget her randomness. Alisha writes to give people an escape, whether it's a dark romantic thriller like her first book in the Beautiful Nothing Series, My Beautiful Nightmare, or a sweet contemporary romance that she is currently working on. She wishes to touch people with her stories. 

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