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Sunday, November 15, 2015

On the Road to Being Known

My blog is being viewed on average about 40 times in a day. People are actually googling me, finding my website and blog and scrolling through old posts. I think I'm in denial. I've had this blog since 2005. Back when I used to ramble about my personal life and relationships. Of course when I became an author, I erased the majority of that history and re-branded the site for my author page.

Last month my blog was viewed 1477 times. That is incredible. But with that much action you would think I would see an influx in comments. But I'm not. I have a ton of silent readers. And I guess I'm not terribly upset about that. What's even more interesting, is it seems as though people are actually trolling my blog all the way back to the beginning, if not just last year. Some of my posts from a year ago are getting a huge influx of new views.

Some of the days I've had more than 100 views. Apparently, I'm trending somewhere. I think this is amazing. Now if it could translate to my sales, that would be even more incredible.

I am working on keeping this active by posting blog tours, cover reveals, etc. for other authors. But I don't want to forget that this is my blog at the end of the day. This is about me and my publishing journey. :) I will try to update on that front much more frequently.

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