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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Make Me Believe by Karen Ferry

Make Me Believe by Karen Ferry

Sometimes, a chance meeting is just the push you need in order to break free from the darkness within…

My name is Emma, I’m 23, and I’ve never been kissed. I’m no virgin…But kissing is too intimate, too intense, and I don’t want that – not ever. I like sex, though, and most of my hook-ups don’t seem to mind the no-kissing part.

But then I meet Daniel, who’s such a geek, and definitely not the kind of guy I’d normally take an interest to. He’s the shy, quiet type, but with such a charming smile, and he makes my heart race – something I’ve never experienced before.

Daniel has his own issues to work through, and I know my hardened heart shouldn’t melt when he looks at me. I really shouldn’t be falling for him, either, but somehow, he manages to tear down my walls, and I’m scared…because once he learns my secrets, he’ll want nothing to do with me.

All I know is that Daniel makes me feel things that I have never felt before – but do I dare let down my walls and confide in him?

Will I let him be my first kiss?

This is my story, and I’ll reveal everything in my own sweet time…

Just don’t expect all the hearts-and-flowers stuff.
Life is messy, and mine is no different…


***Due to possible ‘triggers’ and adult situations (yes, there is lots of sex in this book) it is not recommended to persons under the age of 18.

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Chatting with Karen
1.      What inspired you to write “Make Me Believe” (Believe #1)?
I have had this story in my head for about a decade – or the main parts of it, anyway – and I think that I always knew that I would write it…subconsciously, I mean. While most of #MMB is a fictional story, some of it is inspired by true events, and I just felt that now was the time to put it into words. Once I got started, I just couldn’t stop. I also always wanted to write a book that was about two people – each with their own problems and scarred pasts – feeling attracted to each other but without there being too much angst or drama involved. From what readers have told me, I have succeeded. Lol.

2.      How long have you been writing?
For as long as I can remember! My grandmother kept a journal for many years, so I picked that up from a young age. From there, short stories were put to life – my mum has even kept a few of them still *shudders* – and I guess that writing became a part of me over time. I can’t imagine not doing it.

3.      What book inspired you to begin writing?
Hmm…I can’t remember the exact book, sorry. To be honest, I think that it was one of H. C. Andersen’s fairytales that first grabbed my attention: it seemed magical.
Again, my grandmother’s love of the written word was passed onto me, and my parents have always encouraged me to read and write as much as possible.

4.      Who is your favorite author(s)?
Oh gosh, there are so many! To name a few: Kristen Ashley, Nora Roberts, Pepper Winters, Christina Lee, Carmen Jenner, A. L. Jackson…The list goes on and on, sorry! I admire them so much: they are unique in their own ways…I can’t explain it properly; they are amazing authors – their words and stories are just incredible to me.

5.      If you had to choose a fictional character from one of your books to have lunch with, who would it be and why?
Just one?! Oh dear…hmm. Well, Daniel, I think, because he’s a true sweetheart, and because I know that we’d have a lot to talk about when it comes to books, for instance. He’s also a gentleman - and I like that he’s a bit old-fashioned in that regard. (However, Emma might the funniest one to have lunch with as she has no filter whatsoever.)

6.      What has been your biggest accomplishment since publishing?
That I have fans! Lol! To have readers who truly connect with my characters…that they completely agree that the world we live in isn’t simple or easy: what I have heard from most is that they simply love how they can relate to Emma & Daniel. It’s both incredible and humbling to me, and exactly what I hoped for when I set out to write it almost a year ago.

7.      Do you have anything else in the works apart from your book/series?
Yes, I am now writing the second book in the Believe Series, which is called “Fool For Love”, and it focuses on Suzy – Emma’s best friend. She has a lot of interesting things to say…I can’t reveal too much about it yet, but it should be published in early 2016.
I plan on writing one more book in this series, but it’s currently untitled; after that, I actually have a fantasy romance novel that I want to bring to life (also untitled) but that is probably a project for 2017.

About the Author:
Karen Ferry is a thirty-something writer, wife to a quiet, laidback man, and mother to a gorgeous, stubborn, redheaded girl who keeps her parents on their toes. 

Karen tends to have a short fuse if she does not get a proper caffeine fix first thing in the mornings, but she is, in fact, a gentle person deep down. 

Karen loves Italian food and wine, travelling, and spending time with her family. When she is not writing, she reads – her favourite genres are New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica and Romantic Suspense. She can never get enough of romance. Or of too many book boyfriends, either. 

Even though Karen is Danish, she has always felt more at ease writing stories in English, and she has not read a book in her native tongue in over ten years.

She can be very outspoken and a complete fan girl of other authors’ online but will in fact be very shy once she meets you in person. 

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