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Indie Fall Fest: E.J. Logan Interview, Dream Cast, & Review

I seriously cannot tell you how excited I am about the author I am featuring today! Not only is she an amazing person, a wonderful friend, and amazing writer, but she is also my cover designer! E.J. Logan is here with an interview, dream cast, and another fellow author reviewed her debut novel, Unbreak Me. Please stick around for all of it!

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An impressive Yale degree. Great friends. An even greater boyfriend and a bright future- Ariana Berkley thought she had it all. She thought her life was perfect. She should have thought twice.

Hundreds of lies and a single confrontation changed everything she thought she knew. It crushed her both physically and emotionally and shattered her confidence of herself, men and love.

Broken, scarred and still hurting, all Ari wants to do is get away and take some time to put herself back together again. With the help of her roommate and her new friends, maybe Ari can accomplish stitching her heart up with friendship and polishing it with laughter.

And maybe, just maybe, with time she can let go of the past, heal her broken heart and unbreak her trust just enough to risk it once more.

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This story about a second chance at finding love blew me away.

Ari is flying back home to see her boyfriend of 6 years Kyle. He was back home while she was away at Yale, getting her college degree in architecture. Before she makes it home, he tells her something that will shatter her. More secrets arise and she tries to break up with him.

After a tragic incident, Ari is left broken inside, scared to be touched by any guy. Things look up for her when she interviews for a PA position for an Architecture company in San Francisco.

Then she meets Caleb.

Ahhhh Caleb. I loved him from the first time they talked on the phone when he offered Ari a room at his house.

The chemistry between Caleb and Ari right from the start was undeniable. As the story went on, you watched their chemistry build and build, only increasing the sexual tension.

There were some bumps in the road for the two of them, but I was very satisfied with the ending, wanting more from them.

This was such a great read. Ari was a very strong women to go through what she went through and I loved her character.

1.    If you could have coffee with any character from your novel(s), who would it be and why?

Well it would have to be Caleb. One because as a friend he seems like a lot of fun and secondly I wouldn't mind savoring the man candy while savoring my coffee.

2.    At what age did you begin writing?

I have been writing little stories since I was about ten.

3.    Do you remember the first book you ever wrote? And if so, what was it about?

My first book was written when I was about fifteen. It was a YA book about a high school girl moving to a new town and starting a new school. Making new friends and meeting a cute boy.

4.    Are you an outliner or a pantser?

Both, I guess. I outlined my first novel but pretty much rewrote the entire thing. Then my second book was all written by the seat of my pants.

5.    How long did it take you to write Unbreak Me?

I began writing the draft in December 2013 and finished the draft in April 2014 So about four months.

6.    What is your favorite social media site and why?

I would say Twitter. Just because I have met so many great authors and music artists on there.

7.    You and I are both a part of Wattpad, where you have over 250,000 views on your story Unbreak Me. Tell us your secrets! How long did it take to get there and how did you do it?

It has taken eight months to get there and really I have to thank Wattpad HQ. About six months ago, I was approached by someone in HQ that asked to feature my book Unbreak Me in a New Adult group that focuses on woman 18-32. Since added to that group, it has really taken off.

8.    Apart from being a writer, you are also a cover designer. When did you realize you had a passion for creating covers?

That began on Wattpad. Designing covers on there is where I started. I have literally designed hundreds of Wattpad covers including yours. But I'm not sure I ever would have taken the step to design covers for books being published, if it wasn't for you Kira. I absolutely love designing book covers. Actually it's a toss-up on what I love more, writing or designing.

9.    What would you say has been your biggest success since you began writing?

My biggest success, I guess would be actually completing my novel.

10. What gives you inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is music. I loooove music and I always have it on while writing.

EJ Logan is an Indie author of new adult contemporary romance. She has always been a daydreamer but it wasn’t until recently that she decided to show her imagination to the world. In September of 2014, she published her first novel Unbreak Me. It’s the first book in her Always Only You series. A series of sweet, funny and heartbreaking books about loss, friendship, love and finding happiness. EJ resides in Lexington Kentucky, with her two amazing sons and their wonderful father. When she’s not writing she enjoys designing book covers, reading, boating and of course spending time with her family.

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