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Friday, November 14, 2014

Indie Fall Fest: Friday Favorites

All of the authors who are a part of Indie Fall Fest were given the option to provide their three favorites in a few different categories. Here are their answers.

Top Three Favorite writing spots

Just my desk.
Bridie Hall

My bedroom. My bedroom. My bedroom.
T.A. Uner

I mostly write in my house so I've set up many spots, because one just isn't enough!

1. I have a special spot in my house that has great lighting and a nice chair! That's my number one. I even posted about this spot on my Facebook Page.

2. My patio - again, it's all about the lighting! And there's something about being outside in the fresh air that helps me get creative and focused.

3. My desk. Yup! Sometimes, I actually write at my desk that I've set up for writing. I have bulletin boards for brainstorming and books lined up above for inspiration. It's really a great spot. This is where I edit my videos too.
K.K. Allen

1) My bed
2) The coffee shop
3) My bed ;)
Erin Albert Rhew

My dining room desk
My cement table outside at work
Anywhere I can!
Cynthia Witherspoon

Starbucks, my dining room table, coffee shops
Tasha Cotter

At home on the couch.
In bed.
By the river.
Shane Morgan

1.  In my lazy-boy
2. By the pool
3. Dinette. (oh… how inspiring, right!?))
Heather Letto

My bed
My mom’s (so quiet! I have 3 boys and home is NEVER quiet!)
My desk
Stacey Mosteller

I get distracted way too easy if I'm around anyone else, so I tend to stay indoors.  I stick to the patio, the kitchen table, and the couch :-)
Amy Bartelloni

1. My home office
2. My local Barnes and Nobel
3. My porch on a nice day.
A.G. Porter

My bed, my couch, the bed in the guest room.
Sarah Darlington

I like writing in coffee shops, pool halls and bowling alleys. That's totally random, I know.
Chess DeSalls

My chair in the living room. My chair in my writing room. I have never tried writing anywhere else. :)
Sarah Buhl

Our living room couch, our back deck (when I can see the screen!), and my desk (which is rare, as it's usually buried in paperwork)
Mary Waibel

My desk! (Love my desk/office)

I don't write anywhere else, all my inspiration is right here with my toys!
James D Horton

My room
My office
My back porch
Joy Penny

My office/dining room
My back screen porch
My bed
Karen Gordon

Starbucks, next to the fireplace
My recliner in my writing cave
My living room
Whitney Barbetti

My living room, my bed, in the Florida Keys looking over the waterways at my in-laws home (<--that best="" is="" one="" span="" the="">
Kristin Hope Mazzola

My loveseat and the beach (though that's more of a pencil and paper kind of thing). I don't write anywhere else.
K.B. Nelson

My couch, my bed, and my car--when it's parked :-)
J. Nathan

My office
My Bed
My school bus . . . yes, the school bus.
K.R. Conway

My bed.
My kitchen table.
Any coffee shop.
Tiana Warner

On my couch, in my bed, in my lake house!
Claudia Brevis

My Office
My Couch
My Dreams

The beach, the library and my back deck.
Heather Topham Wood

I'm lucky--I have a great workspace in my house. My desk is in a cozy corner in the basement opposite my housemate's ceramics workspace. I love it when we're both down there working with our headphones on.

I wrote most of THE SIX DAYS in Brooklyn Central Library, which is one of my favorite places in general.

For three--this is weird, but I do a lot of freewriting/drafting standing up in the kitchen while baking bread or making soup. I like that it's a long process with built in breaks so I can switch back and forth every 15 minutes. Strangely enough working in little intense spurts of energy keeps me focused.
Anna Carolyn McCormally

My balcony, airports, bedroom.
Zané Sachs

1). In my office at home.
2). At the dining room table surrounded by our cats and dog.
3). In the garden.
Amy Dunne

My bed...and my bed. ;-)
Kira Adams

Any of the coffee shops downtown
The library
A park, next to the river
Kai Strand

Coffee shop
Comfy chair
Crystal Perkins

In my office
At the library
In a coffee shop
K.G. McAbee

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