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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Indie Fall Fest: Sunday Brunch

All of the authors who are a part of Indie Fall Fest were given the option to answer a question for Sunday Brunch. Here are their answers.

Have you ever enjoyed a film more than the book it was adapted from?

Bridie Hall

T.A. Uner

Yes. I really loved The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I gave up on reading the book, it didn't do anything for me.
Ruth Silver

I don't believe so. For me, film just enhances the story already in my mind. I'm a firm believer that you must read the book before seeing the movie. If you don't, then you miss out on so much of the story that you just can't get from film alone.
K.K. Allen

Only Catching Fire.
Erin Albert Rhew

Never. I can't use my imagination during a film…and that's the fun part!
Cynthia Witherspoon

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the 2009 film)
Tasha Cotter

Shane Morgan

Ann Everett

Haha!  Yes... The Narnia Series.
Heather Letto

Never. I'm the worst person to go see a book to movie adaptation with. I will yell at the screen "That's not how it happened!"
Stacey Mosteller

No. Books are always better.
T.C. McKee

Very, very rare, but I did like the LoTR movie a LOT.  And I thought they did a great job with the Harry Potter series.
Amy Bartelloni

Yes! I really thought The Notebook was just about as good, if not better, than the book.
A.G. Porter

Yes. 50/50 for me. Half the time I love the movie more.
Sarah Darlington

Never ever, ever. The only film adaptation that came close was The Lord of the Rings trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. Those moves were amazing.
Chess Desalls

YES. I Am Number Four.
Sarah Buhl

Gone Girl
James D Horton

Yes! Divergent.
Joy Penny

I can't think of any. Creating a film requires that a lot of the work is cut because some won't adapt to visuals (internal dialogue) and there are time constraints. Then there is the problem of assigning actors to play characters that I already have pictured in my mind.
Karen Gordon

Pride and Prejudice - the Keira Knightley adaptation.
Whitney Barbetti

The Notebook.
Kristen Hope Mazzola

Divergent, Breaking Dawn 2, and I’m hoping Mockingjay.
J. Nathan

K.G. McAbee

Revolutionary Road. That film changed me in such a transcendent way that it's difficult to explain.
K.B. Nelson

YES - JAWS! And Jurassic Park.
K.R. Conway

The Lord of the Rings movies.
Crystal Perkins

Fight Club. Maybe Brad Pitt's abs give the movie an unfair advantage... but I think the movie was very, very well done. I'm also a huge Helena Bonham Carter fan. The book is amazing, but I'm obsessed with the movie.
Tiana Warner

I know people will be disgusted with me, but I could never get into reading the Lord of The Rings books. I've tried a few times but it just wasn't for me. Fortunately, the films are incredible and I got to experience the story and characters that way. I adore the films.
Amy Dunne

Yes ... Mists of Avalon. The ending worked better.
Zané Sachs

I'll probably get smacked for this...but yes. Oddly enough I loved A Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore and Shane West but didn't enjoy the book.
Kira Adams


Pride and Prejudice. I loved the adaptations and the story, but I struggled a bit getting into the book.
Heather Topham Wood

Eragon. I'm not a fan of Christopher Paolini, but I loved the movie version of Saphira.
Kai Strand

THE HUNGER GAMES did a lot more for me as a movie than a book.
Anna Carolyn McCormally

I love Mary Harron's adaptation of American Psycho. It's kind of amazing because a lot of the narrative choices I found distracting in the book, the film turns into strengths. Plus the story just flows better on screen. Same thing with Drive. Nice little crime novella, but the film's soundtrack and visual style takes it to a whole new place.
Scott Silver

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