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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Indie Fall Fest: Sunday Brunch

All of the authors who are a part of Indie Fall Fest were given the option to answer a question for Sunday Brunch. Here are their answers.

What is a genre you would like to write in but haven't attempted yet?

Mystery, humor

Bridie Hall

Historical Romance

T.A. Uner


Ruth Silver

I'm interested in writing two different genres - Non-Fiction and Contemporary Romance. I'd love to write a Project Management book aimed at small businesses. I have over 8 years of professional experience as a Project Manager and have a lot to offer companies, especially small ones, on how to stay organized and successful. Also, I'd love to write a contemporary romance about the innocence of young love. More on this after The Summer Solstice series is complete.

K.K. Allen

Historical Fiction

Erin Albert Rhew

Historical Fiction. It terrifies me because there is so much responsibility to portray the person - and time period - correctly.

Cynthia Witherspoon

I would love to write more nonfiction-- perhaps something book-length someday. I loved Meghan O'Rourke's The Long Goodbye and I'm in awe of writers like Mary Karr, Michelle Orange, and Joan Didion. I hope to devote some real time to creating something novel-length in the future.

Tasha Cotter


Shane Morgan

Literary fiction

Ann Everett

Maybe one day I'll write a book for grown-ups... Maybe.

Heather Letto


Stacey Mosteller


Amy Bartelloni

Zombie horror. I know that zombies are all the rage now, but I've always wanted to write a zombie novel. Also, I've been working on a fantasy series for the past 10 years! I really need to get that out...

A.G. Porter

New Adult Paranormal

Sarah Darlington

It would be fun to write Contemporary YA, but I have a difficult time keeping my characters in the present world. Maybe someday.

Chess Desalls

Fantasy. I have tried pretty much everything, but I have yet to tackle that one.

Sarah Buhl

Adult romance. Maybe someday I'll figure it out :-)

Mary Waibel

Science Fiction with a Romance Element

James D Horton

Historical fiction

Joy Penny

I am planning a historical romance novel, but I am a stickler for details so it will require a lot more research. I'm thinking it will be set in 16th century England and Ireland.

Karen Gordon


Whitney Barbetti

Fantasy, for sure!

Kristen Hope Mazzola

I've attempted YA, but haven't published yet.

J. Nathan

Historical romance

K.G. McAbee

I'd love to return to horror someday, as I have roots there albeit in screenwriting format.

K.B. Nelson

High Sci Fi . . . which would probably melt my brain.

K.R. Conway

Maybe Young Adult because I keep getting asked to write in that genre!

Crystal Perkins

I'd like to try writing an adult thriller. I started one before Ice Massacre, but once I got fixed on the idea of flesh-eating mermaids I dropped that other book so fast. I might come back to it one day in some form.

Tiana Warner

I'm currently attempting to write speculative / dystopian fiction. It's by far the biggest challenge I've faced as a writer. The Renegade is due for tentative release in 2015 by Bold Strokes Books. I'd also like to have a try and writing a paranormal YA story.

Amy Dunne

Self-Help by Sadie the Sadist.

Zané Sachs

YA/NA Contemporary Romance! I've tried writing in this genre for the longest, and have several failed attempts. Only one of the books I've written in this genre survived, and that's The Summer of Me & You. There are a lot of talented authors in this genre and when I see all the pretty covers and read the amazing books I sigh, dreamily. I've always wanted to be a YA Contemporary Romance writer, but it seems as though Dark Fantasy is my niche.

Rae Hachton

Paranormal romance for sure!! It's trending and I want to be a part of it!

Kira Adams



I'd love to try my hand at writing a book with sci-fi elements.

Heather Topham Wood

Urban fantasy.  Got a story outlined in the queue!

Claudia Brevis

Time travel

Kai Strand

Right now I am writing a YA novel set on a space station, and there's a lot of technical science-y stuff that keeps sneaking up on me! The technical parts probably won't make it into the book itself but understanding it is critical for me in writing it--and it's hard! Space is so big. I'm learning a lot about writing in the sci-fi genre as opposed to fantasy, where, uh, you just get to make everything up.

Anna Carolyn McCormally

I'd love to do something in the crime genre. It's got all the fun of literary fiction without all the pretentiousness. Sci-fi intrigues me as well. Maybe I could combine the two. Time-traveling criminals who go came in time to steal the Mona Lisa perhaps? Hmmm, that actually doesn't sound so bad.

Scott Silver

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