Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is this really my life???

I've been itching to write. And so that's exactly what I have been doing the past year. Writing, constantly. Lyrics, novels, etc. This year has been the most incredible year for me. I don't even know where to begin really...So I guess I'll just start with what I can remember.

In the fall of last year, finally after years away, I was able to return to college. I quit working my soul-sucking job at Netflix and was able to find the time. I took some amazing courses. Ones that renewed my faith in my talents. 

I took an introductory psych class and for my final I had to get up in front of the class and sing a song I wrote. It was nerve wracking. I mean, I always knew I was talented, but I guess I just assumed people didn't like my voice or me as a person, even. The song ended and people were actually clapping, excitedly. My teacher kept sneaking me supportive glances; I knew I had killed it. Before I left class that day, five separate people stopped me to compliment my voice or my song; I was flying on cloud nine. The following class I had five more additional classmates approach me and compliment me. My teacher expressed extreme delight multiple times throughout the next few classes and even in a glowing review she wrote on my final.

The following term I signed up for a film class that paired aspiring directors with aspiring actors for film acting. Most of the term was spent on radio and commercial bits. But at the very end of it, we had our final scenes and I was so impressed with myself when I was the only actor who shed a tear on camera. I learned so much from Barry Hunt throughout my classes with him. Now I know what to expect when going into film acting. And I know I have what it takes.

The financial aid I was approved for was very minimal and only a loan, therefore I have been supplementing my income with two part time jobs on top of going to school full time. But it has gotten very difficult, because I developed a chronic illness. And I'm going to do something that barely anyone does with my illness; I'm going to talk about it.

I began noticing problems when I felt like I was dying after work; literally feeling like my stomach was eating itself alive. I would rapidly pick a fast food drive thru and order food, only to feel nauseous two bites in. It seemed like everything I ate went through me faster than a hose. Weight began to melt off my body. A couple of pounds at a time. Then, I became groggy and fatigued almost 100% of the time. I couldn't function without caffeine, but it was not settling well with my stomach. And nothing I ate, and I mean that honestly, made me feel better.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's. And it turned my life upside down. I lost over 50 pounds in two months, I had no insurance, no medication, and I was still having to face my normal routine, everyday.

When summer finally hit and an opportunity arose to get outta dodge, I took it with no hesitation. What was there to lose? No school and minimum wage jobs that don't make me happy anyways. So I am packing up my life, or what will be left of it by then...mainly laptop, me---and I am moving to Las Vegas. I have been given an opportunity to work for my best friend, Thien-nga Palmer at her entertainment company, T Music Entertainment Group.

An amazing thing happened when I was diagnosed/when I decided to move; My father paid off all of my credit card debt. He handed me a $5000 check without a second glance. Who does that happen to? I am very privileged to have a father who can help me out financially.

So there is this girl, Amanda Hocking. I came across her website when I read a book review a blogger had done on one of her titles, "Switched". This girl is only two years older than me. She first self-published "Switched" in 2010--It only took three years for her life to change drastically for the better...and now she gets to do what she loves everyday, all day. I've been writing my entire life. If she can do it; I can do it. 

I am so excited what the future holds with acting, singing, writing for me...I recently self-published two of my novels, Madalynne & Parker and The Many Faces of Love. I'm intrigued to see how they will do!

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