Sunday, July 21, 2013

Self Aware & Self Obsessed

So I have this issue with myself. Actually, it's something that I've been dealing with my entire life. I know I'm destined for bigger or better things, but I'm not always sure the world knows that. I live in my head. It's become a safe zone for me throughout the years. But that also means I have skewed ideas of how amazing I actually am. Or so I think.

My entire life I've been told I'm selfish or self centered. My friends, my family, even my exes. Everything was always about me. My way or the highway. And I'm a Taurus, so add stubborn to that mixture. My old boss at Wells Fargo even made a sign that he taped to my desk that read, "It's All About Krista", my co-workers even made a song up to go along with it. I always thought they were joking. I never understood that there was truth to what they sang.

Being on my own and living in Portland for so many years, I have come to understand what they really meant. And even appreciate the fact that my family and friends were willing to stick by me through that phase in my life, because it was a long one. 

I've become more humble over the years, but I still live in my head 60% of the time. And I still think I'm fabulous and destined for greatness. There are so many things I am passionate about and love doing that I'm going to be able to find fulfillment out of when I move to Vegas. I am incredibly anxious and excited for the opportunities that await me!

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