Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Procrastination is opportunity's assassin

I really should be working on Reality Squared, but it's been really difficult to even write half a page recently. I am almost through with Chapter 8 and there should be 16 chapters if my outline sticks. But what I really came on here to talk about was some more great news for Madalynne & Parker! I ordered 5 proof paperback copies of it, so I can check it out, and maybe even use those for ARC's. Everything is coming together and I am excited beyond words. 

So even though I've been finding difficulty in writing the novel I should be working on, I haven't stopped writing entirely. I was brainstorming some new ideas at work and check out this prologue I wrote out for Lee & Jacqueline:

Madalynne Johnson was the first girl I ever loved, whole-heartedly, without question. After she chose between Parker and me, I was left broken.   

I never imagined myself the relationship type, but Madalynne had changed all that for me, she opened my heart to the possibilities.

 After her decision, she kept in touch, sending me countless letters with updates and eventually I couldn't remain angry with her any longer.

So was it a stretch that I agreed to be a witness for Madalynne and Parker at the courthouse prior to his deployment? Probably. But I was ready for an adventure of my own...and who knew they wouldn't disappoint...

Also, while at work I wrote out this blurb, and actually it got me thinking about writing a book about a Dhamphir. And I think I may have a working title just from the blurb, check it out:

She couldn't shake his mysterious gaze, so dark, yet alluring. Her heart was doing summersalts all on its own accord. But little did Holland Jacobson know, this dangerous stranger was going to change her life forever...

With one glance from his eyes, one word from his lips, he had Holland Hooked. She had no idea what drew her to him, but secretly wished for the next time their paths would cross so that she could feel alive again...

I also forgot to mention, someone, the first someone ever, bought my eBook of M&P!!! It's only one sale, but I was pretty ecstatic when I found out.

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