Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life- Are You Living It?

Lately, I've had the most incredibly anxious and stressed feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like if I don't finish Reality Squared by tomorrow, my original deadline I set for it, the end of the world will come. I'm obviously aware of this deep down, but my body and my mind are not. 

I guess I feel like the quicker I finish Reality Squared, I can get back into Pieces of Me and then some other new titles I've been thinking on. But I don't want to rush the storyline. So, I will force myself to write sometimes, but only if the outcome is good.

The good news is, I'm 30k words in for Reality Squared. My original plan was to write a 40k manuscript, but looking at the normal regulations nowadays it seems as though 60k is more so the average. A rough estimate I came up with was around 45k-50k which seems decently long enough for me. I have every intention of continuing the Looking Glass series, but not necessarily from the same parallel. More on that later!

If I hunker down and do nothing else, I could potentially finish Reality Squared within the next two days, it is the most difficult novel I have ever had to written, and yet, I have a feeling, it will be the most rewarding. I only have six chapters remaining. Send a little luck my way will you? I typed more than 15,000 words yesterday, that's gotta count for something, right?

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