Monday, July 22, 2013

Through the Looking Glass: Reality Squared

A few months ago I began having a series of dreams that were ongoing; as in I was in the same places, with the same people, fighting the same war. Each dream that delved me further into this world made me wonder more the possibilities of alternate realities. This reality was based in a post-apocalyptic future. 

Everyone who knows me knows I never remember my dreams. I am a heavy sleeper for the most part and the most I can usually take away from a dream is a few details. Nothing major. But this dream was different; and to this day, I'm still being drawn back to that world in my dreams. Not every night, but there are certain nights I know without doubt I've returned there in my sleep.

This spawned an idea for a new book. I'm not a terribly creative person when it comes to writing. Shocking for an author to admit, right? But, the books I flock to are YA/NA romance or possibly the biggest trend, ie: Hunger Games Trilogy. But I have always hoped for an idea that would change it all for me, and I think 'Reality Squared' is it.

I have so much faith in this project, I wake up thinking about it, I go to sleep thinking about it, I dream about it. I don't know if there is a minute that goes by in my day when I am not anxiously thinking about my newest novel and finishing it and what people will think. I've never been so sure of anything in my entire life. If there was any book that was going to do well for me after being published, 'Reality Squared' takes the cake.

I sent out the first three chapters for Beta reading. My first one, ever. And it went amazingly well! My beta reader Lin sent me extremely detailed notes and comments and the overall feeling was that the writing was done well and the idea/premise held a lot of promise.

The writing is also meant to attract a wider audience. The reality bits are more juvenile and for the YA audience that reads Amanda Hocking or Stephanie Meyer and the alternate reality bits are suited more for a wider range of audience. I think that 'Reality Squared', if not the entire 'Looking Glass' series has the most potential to be made into a television show or movie. Although the idea of a television show catering to an audience of fans of Lost or Vampire Diaries or Continuum sounds fantastic to me. 

I began writing the novel around May, and during that time have also been working two part time jobs and going to school full time. I have completed 20,000 words so far, and by my outline I seem to be on track for half of the book being done. I have never written this fast or with a purpose in my life, but seeing how much success Amanda Hocking received has really put a fire under my ass.

I know I am as talented if not more talented than her. We have similar backgrounds. I know that my novels would appeal to her audience. My goal before I move to Vegas in less than a month is to finish writing 'Reality Squared', as well as possibly 'Pieces of Me'. 

My idea is that 'Reality Squared' will be the first book in the 'Looking Glass' series. I have an idea for the second novel, and am excited to see where that will lead. A month or so ago I jumped the gun and created a Kickstarter for Reality Squared, but at the time was only about four chapters in, so I have held off finishing the creation of it until closer to finishing the novel.

I spoke with Sara about an arrangement to use her jewelry in the Kickstarter pledge packages. I have so much faith in what she makes and I think it's a shame no one has been able to appreciate her jewelry like I have. I think it will really help with progressing my Kickstarter.

Here's a excerpt taken right off the Kickstarter:
What is Reality Squared?
It really began as a continuing dream I could not seem to shake, and thus, Sahara was born...
The book centers around the stunning protagonist, Sahara Rose/Samantha Ryan. Sahara Rose lives on a planet in the year 2058, a war broke out years ago pitting Droma against Droma. Kill or be killed. She has been able to narrowly escape along with a few others, but time is running out and the Immorals are outnumbering the unaligned Dromas remaining. 
The novel is written through many of the eyes of the Dromas encountered by Sahara. Each section ends with someone going to sleep or waking up, thus sending them to the alternate reality.
The really cool thing I have discovered while writing this novel is that it can be read 1 of 3 ways. You can simply read the reality bits. You can simply read the alternate reality bits. Or you can read it all as a whole. Any of the aforementioned ways flows almost identically. 

Here is a snippet from Reality Squared:
Sahara Rose
I never imagined such cold, heartless, hatred. But after the city lost power, it was every man for himself; Droma against Droma. Kill or be killed. Two sides emerged early on in the war for survival. One was all about power; the other was all about family, survival, and hope. Good Droma’s vs. bad Droma’s. Unfortunately for us, the bloodthirsty bastards had the upper hand. They had the resources, they had the man power. Join them or be killed, simple as that; they were starting a revolution.
It was three years into the war and nearly half of our planet had been wiped out by its devastation. I had been on the run for so long; I didn’t remember what a real meal tasted like, what a real bed felt like. I had been lucky enough to align myself with a few other good Droma’s I found along the way.

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