Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I SHOULD be doing vs. What I AM doing

The title says it all doesn't it? Procrastination. I move to Vegas in less than 25 days and I'm not sure I'm prepared. I have so many things to take care of before I go. And so little time.

Both of my jobs have been scheduling me together a total of six days a week, and for someone who is as ill as I am, it's definitely taken it's toll on me.
Instead of being productive and preparing my move by listing my furniture on Craigslist like I should be, I'm going to spend today attempting to write as much as I can to Reality Squared. Pieces of Me and Reality Squared are really the first two novels I have loosely modeled characters after my friends or family.  I'm going to share with you how I chose one of my characters for my upcoming novel, Vixen Mills.

In an earlier post I mentioned my friend Sara and her jewelry. Sara is actually one of my closest friends whom I not only got to form a business connection with, but a lifelong friendship. Sara is also someone who is honest and blunt to a fault. It's her best and worst feature at times I believe.

During the beginning stages of Reality Squared, I contacted multiple friends and asked them the age old question, "If you could have any super power what would it be?" Sara replied with "teleporter". And so it was, I began outlining a character with that special power, who I also felt like needed to be a bad ass in some ways. It quickly became apparent as I envisioned her character that she would be an Immoral. What surprised me even more is how much I ended up liking her when I was seeing her through other characters eyes. 

I modeled little characteristics after her or twisted them to fit into the novel. ie: Sara and I have always shared a  love for Indian food. But in my novel, her reality self, Vivienne Miller, is a stunning Native American. In the alternate universe Vixen has blond hair, something Sara is not fond of, however, her head is shaved on one side, something my friend Sara has pulled off in the past.

The one thing I wanted to portray was that image has nothing to do with kicking ass and saving lives, hence why I attempted to create the most ethnically diverse cast of characters. If the novel ever does get adapted for television or the big screen, I'd love people from all walks of life to be apart of it.

I have to get back to writing if I ever want to finish the novel. But I will leave you will a little excerpt from Reality Squared involving Vivienne her reality self and a young gentlemen she encounters along her travels, enjoy!

              “Good luck Romeo,” She laughed lightly, before pulling a pistol out from her handbag. I watched her kneel down in front of the bed I was chained to.

                “What the fuck are you doing?” I sat up, attempting to get a better look at the floor where she was kneeled.

                “I’m praying for my sins,” She exclaimed before standing up unexpectedly and charging at me with the butt of her pistol. That was the last thing I remembered before it all went black.

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