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Friday, July 27, 2012

Hide & Seek//Scratched Out

I heard our song the other day. One of only 2 songs in the world that could remind me of you. It wasn't expected, but surprised me on shuffle. Imogen Heap's voice always takes me back. Back to the days of endless phone calls, back to the days of butterflies. 

I haven't thought of you in almost 2 years. I think back to my archives on here and when I never thought I would ever be over you. How many relationships came and went and how my feelings for you never wavered.

You are long since married and have a daughter, I'm told. You really did amazing for yourself, you know that? I'm so proud of you and I'm sure you are happy beyond words. You always told me I would amount to nothing and I was worthless. You were right.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Untangle Me

I took a long break from posting on here. But haven't stopped writing in general. Still writing books and lyrics. 

My birthday came and went. I am now 26 years old. I am still living in Portland, I have been here now for a year and a half. Time really does fly. Before I know it, it is going to be my 10 year reunion for high school. I hope by then I have something to show for myself. A career, a new look, a new love, etc. 

I've been thinking lately that maybe Portland isn't what I need now. I came, I saw, I conquered, but still don't have much to show for my time here. Yes, I have a full time job. But I hate it. Yes I have an apartment. But my roommate and I have nothing in common. Yes Jesse is up here with me. But Mimms is not. 

I am headed to Vegas on Friday to celebrate Jesse and My birthday(s). Thien-nga is going to try to convince me to move there when I visit. Vegas would be the best and worst thing for me. The only reason I would ever make such a drastic bold change is if it would benefit my life goals in the long run. Who knows. I am willing to hear her out. 

I am rewriting Madalynne & Parker. So far this is the best rewrite yet. I am pretty stoked on it and when I do finish it I would really like to pursue getting it published. It is terribly difficult to rewrite a book, don't know how many people have done it. But I figure it's kind of like a rough draft essay, which you have to go through and fix errors to come out with the best paper. Although instead of changing sentences and fixing grammar and spelling errors I am rewriting the entire concept. I have really been enjoying it and from what I've heard it is turning out to be well worth it.

I think I am going to enter the ISC competition. I don't have a band, so I can't enter any of the categories except for the lyrics only category. I have a few that I am trying to decide between, but I think I really have a chance. Hoping to get a few opinions on which one I should submit before entering, however.