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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reviews, Interviews, and Giveaways Oh My!

Exciting things are on the horizon...I can feel it in my bones. My Forever has been published for about five weeks now and although it's been a slow start, I believe there will be a pickup in sales soon. I didn't do any promotion ahead of time, and that is really why I believe it hasn't been purchased more than a few times. However, as the reviews come piling in, I still believe Madalynne and Parker have a bright future ahead of them. 

Recently, the nice people at Lived One Thousand Lives reviewed My Forever and gave it 3/5 stars. You can check out the review here. I actually agree with a lot of it and appreciate the honesty. I love constructive criticism, I knew there were parts of the story people were going to love and parts they might hate. No matter how hard I tried to soften her, I also knew Maddy wasn't as likeable as I would have hoped. But I have been pleasantly surprised and happy with every 3 star review that is popping up. 

Krystle at Kookie Krysp Reads was gracious enough to do an interview and a giveaway! I will be giving away three copies of My Forever. (Winners choice in format: Epub, Mobi, or Paperback within the United States) She even made a gorgeous banner for all of it! Check out all the fun here!

Liv at Shredded Book Reviews was kind enough to take on My Forever, even though it was YA and review it. Another 3 star review; makes me happy it is consistent. Check out her honest review here.

Lastly, check out all the awesome reviews of My Forever here! Why yes I did just link the UK Amazon page. Why, you ask? Because you cannot see those reviews on But My Forever actually has three 5-star reviews on there! Technically two, but who's counting! 

Beautifully Broken is even sitting at two 5-star reviews right now! Can't wait until the next handful come in. Until then, I'll be anxiously awaiting them! 

I got bookmarks made. Some of My Forever and then some of my Infinite Love Series. They look great!  Can't wait to give some of those away. 

Don't forget, if you're not doing what you love--you're not really living.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I've been itching to write I just haven't felt like I've had the time. I've been trying to put my health first for once and apart from work that's where I've been--dentist and doctor appointments. 

My Forever finally has 4 Amazon reviews in the United States and 3 in the UK. It is sitting at 4 stars currently. I agree with a lot of the reviews! It only took a month...

I feel like Maddy made rush decisions and I wonder if I explored the relationship between her and Lee a little further before the inevitable fall, if it would take the book to a POM status. I haven't made any decisions yet, thousands of readers on Wattpad were happy with the story the way it was; are happy. 

Beautifully Broken currently has two 5-star reviews on Amazon, I am waiting for the other reviews to come through. I've made the comment before, but I honestly believe BB to be a "Dark Horse". It is currently sitting with over 11k reads on Wattpad and only positive responses!

I have been in the process of editing Pieces of Me in preparation of publishing soon and I had forgotten how much I missed Peyton's voice; my voice. Pieces of Me has touched readers in ways I never thought possible. As I continue with editing and revising, I am reminded just how incredible a story I have in my hands. One so real and pure, peers find themselves relating without difficulty. 

I am putting this out to the universe -- I know what I want to do with the rest of my life -- 100% in this very moment -- I know, I want to write stories. I want to be able to travel, to be healthy, to be happy, to write, and to be surrounded by the people I love. Whether it is tomorrow, or next week, or even a few months down the line, I want to live my dream FINALLY.

The only way for me to be able to do this is with your support. Can you afford .99 cents? How about $2.99? Do you have an Amazon account? Can you post a review on any of my books you have read and enjoyed? Can you recommend my books to your friends? Any help is much appreciated. 

I don't know how much longer I can do it. I am just being honest. I want to live my life for me...for once.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Zombified

Hey guys!

It's that time again; Teaser Tuesday! This time I picked a never before seen snippet from an unreleased chapter of Into the Darkness. Enjoy.

The biter came out of nowhere. Ike went for it out of habit but a voice rose up out of Rian I wasn’t expecting then. “No,” she said firmly. “Let me do it.”

She had taken us all by surprise, judging by the matching expressions we were all wearing.
“Are you sure?” Ike asked, his eyes planted firmly on me for approval.

I had known this time would come, I just hadn’t been expecting it so soon…

I nodded my head hesitantly knowing there was no way to go back at this point. In the new world we were living in, it was inevitable this day would come.

The biter looked worse for wear. Its skin was greying and decaying. His right arm had been severed from his body and was hanging by mere tendons.

The smell perforating off him was enough to make anyone sick, yet was something we had grown accustomed to. 

“The head is the money spot,” Ike whispered as the biter slowly approached. “Just like we practiced.”

I looked up at Ike then, expectantly. Practiced? How long had Ike been secretly training her behind my back? How long had I been wrapped up in my losses to realize?

I winced as Rian brought the bat down hard again and again, smashing in the biters skull. I found myself wondering who he had been before all of this; a teacher? A grocer? A mail man? It didn’t really matter anymore, but it helped keep my sickness at bay.