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Monday, August 26, 2013

Who's to say what's impossible? (Holy outlines Batman!)

Holy crap; let's talk outlines. First of all...I have never been big on them. I'm such a dreamer I don't like to be bound to something. So normally, I sit and just let the words flow freely from my fingers. However, the other day my writing/critique partner David asked me if I have ever heard of Nanowrimo before. I had, but never bothered to check into what it was all about. He asked if I was going to participate this year. Curiously, I Google Nanowrimo and it's basically just a month of nonstop writing (November) a new novel in an attempt to write more than 50k words. It sounded pretty cool. I've always liked to push my limits. And I've written 10k-15k words before in one day, so I thought that I could do this if I put my mind to it.

Here is where the outlines come in. Thinking about writing a novel, completely from scratch without knowing where I want it to go in such a short amount of time terrified me. So I began outlining.

Currently I am on chapter seven of my WIP Pieces of Me. I began with outlining the rest of the novel to get an idea of what I like and what I even want to see. And then it took off from there. Last night I finished that outline and then went on to finish the outlines for the two remaining books in the Infinite Love series. I'm not sure of the titles yet, but WOW I had no idea how invested I would become with the characters and their stories before even beginning to write them!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but the second book in the series will focus on Lee & Jacqueline. Good news is almost every reader loved Lee and was dying to see more of him. Most people didn't care about or hated Jacqueline. It will be interesting to see how they react when they get invested in her back story.

The third book in the series will focus on Austyn (Lee's cousin who will be introduced in book #2) and her boyfriend Avery. I'm surprised I didn't immediately start writing it after I finished the outline. I became so invested in Austyn's story and Avery's struggles. This may be one of the best books I'll ever write!

Let me jump back to Nanowrimo real quick. I have been really wanting to break into the paranormal romance genre, and had some ideas written down...but I saw a blurb I wrote about a possible zombie I ended up outlining an NA dystopian series. I think I've decided to mainly stay on the end of YA and the beginning of NA for all future novels. The characters better reflect myself. Anyways, the main character I focus on is a bad ass! And I love that. But I need to use a male protagonist on the next novel I wrote! (Hopefully paranormal romance).

What I am trying to say at the end of all this is OUTLINES are AMAZING! They will probably cut my writing time in half because I already have clear expectations of each chapter and how it is going to play out. I can't believe I waited this long to  explore the possibilities of using them! I'm thankful I found out after my first novella and not six novels down the road! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Forever Teaser Sunday!

Hello! And Good morning! If you knew what time it was over here (5:15 am for anyone interested) you would think I'm crazy for being awake by choice this early. But I got up for a drink of water...and then got distracted by the internet---as it's almost impossible not to do!

Since I have finished my (hopefully) last and final edits on My Forever (It's about a amazing as I can make it) before securing down an amazing cover, I thought I would post a snippet for ya all to check out:

            I awoke in a panic this morning, jarring me out of another terrible nightmare. Only this time, something was different. This time, I felt relief when I remembered Parker was finally here, in Hawaii, after all of our time apart. Then, my mind switched to Lee.
            The entire morning as I showered, got dressed, and ate breakfast, my heart and mind were in an all time war; switching to Lee, and then reverting back to Parker and so on and so forth until I couldnt take it anymore. The guilt was killing me.  I knew then, I was a terrible person. My heart screamed Parker. My head screamed Lee. And me? I literally just screamed until I couldn't take it anymore. I couldnt remember the last time I had ever been this torn or confused about anything.
            It had been almost two weeks since I had asked Parker to stay in Kauai. I thought that the time I had asked for would be the turning point for me. It would help me make my decision, but truthfully, the more time I spent with both guys, the more confused it left me. I felt guilty for all of it. For getting together with Lee when I was still clearly in love with Parker. For asking Parker to stay when I was clearly head over heels for Lee.
            Every moment I spent with Lee, I felt anxious to be back with Parker and vice versa. I felt like I was not making any head way and my biggest fear was that my month would run out and I was going to lose both of them.
            When I thought about life without Lee, I found myself crying uncontrollably. When I thought about losing Parker, it left me physically sick, puking for hours on end, in between sobs. This was not a predicament I would wish upon anyone. I knew my time was running short and I was going to have to make a decision sooner or later, and deep down somewhere locked away inside me I had the answer. I always had the answer; I was just terrified to admit it.
            I picked up my phone and dialed the number I could remember in my sleep. 
            “Hello? He answered, and instantly, I felt calmer. 
            “Parker,” I replied, breathlessly, “I need to see you.”

Friday, August 09, 2013

It's beginning.

I am sitting on the ground of my room, amidst some blankets and pillows. It's really all that is left besides my two computers, chair, and a lamp. It still hasn't hit me yet. I'm sitting in my near empty room and I am still having trouble believing that it is finally happening. In less than five days I will be moving to Vegas. 

I had my last day of work at B&J today. Bittersweet. But happy that I am leaving minimum wage for good! I'm anxious and excited about the work I will be doing out there...I wonder when it will sink in, fully.

I haven't been able to hear in over a week and a half. It feels like my ears need to pop constantly and nothing does the trick. I know I need to go to a doctor, but I have no money or insurance. :(

I should probably mention by now that I finished Reality Squared! 47,000 words later and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Now the only thing I'm finding difficult is marketing it to beta readers. I know I have a decent product, I think it's better than decent. I think it has some real potential. But with only one beta reader, it's hard to tell.

I really need to understand which genre it fits in. I think that is what is scaring people off. They tend to not want to read a book that crosses over so many genres. I joined a writing group on Facebook through Goodreads and the people have been very attentive and insightful. I'm hoping they will give it a chance and some honest feedback to go along with it.

I really should be getting to sleep...but I am going to play around on the internet some more! Ciao!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Madalynne & Parker---WHAT?

There is so much going on with Madalynne & Parker, it's insane. Have I told you yet how amazing beta readers are? They spend their own time reading your written word in an attempt to help YOU make YOUR work better. And do you know what they get in return? Nothing...nada...maybe a simple thank you. Totally unfair if you ask me. So I have decided when I finish the novel...yes I said novel, and I will get to that in a bit! But, as I was saying...when I finish the novel, I would like to make sure each and every beta reader who helped me make it as great as it can be gets a personal hardcover copy. It's a long way out, but the thought excites me.

Now--on to the BIG news. Madalynne & Parker is no more. What, you say?! Not the novel itself, but the title. After a few beta readers admitted not connecting to the original title, it felt necessary. The new title thanks to one great beta reader, Suzanne, is: My Forever. It is going to be book #1 in my Infinite Love Series

I still have big plans for Lee & Jacqueline in book #2, but it will simply have it's own title. Something having to do with the book. I'm really excited about all the new changes to come.

Now, onto the novel. I know I have mentioned time and time again I never had any intention on making Madalynne & Parker anything other than a novella. However, after great feedback and criticism from the beta readers, I feel it is inevitable it is going to at least double in size. To be honest, I wrote this book over ten years ago, and never had any huge hopes for it...but people are responding better than I could have ever imagined. And I am finding the changes they are suggesting I make are right on point, improving my product with each one. 

I got the last 5 Proofs of Madalynne & Parker. The size 5x8 is perfect! Exactly what I want. Now, the next time I get them printed, it will be my last. I want to talk to my brother about doing the cover art for me. I am unhappy with the picture on it right now which could be in use by countless others for their eBooks. I want My Forever to stand out.

I should be preparing my move...but I am sitting in bed outlining more to the novel. I'm such a procrastinator!

Friday, August 02, 2013

I'm gonna love you like I've never been broken...

So as it turns out I am going to be 10 proofs down (of M&P) and $30 down the toilet. Essentially they are all going to be throw away novels, but I am still excited to get my hands on the paperback copies. I just began my third round of beta readers on Madalynne & Parker and have implemented so many changes at this point based off of reader feedback I hope my novel is only getting better. One of my beta readers was kind enough to rate the book a 3/5. Even with all of the annoying repetition. I still appreciated every bit of that 3!

This time around I am not going to be so quick to publish. I figure I can even wait until I make it to Vegas. I want to make sure my novel is the best it can be this time around before proofing it. I also decided that moving forward I want to publish with a pen name of Kira Adams. It seems simple enough and I can't tell you why but that name just stood out to me. Probably because the first name isn't too far off from my own.

I'm very anxious to finish writing Reality Squared next and then Pieces of Me. Every time I open each of the novels I get more excited and invested with the characters and the plots. I also typed up over 5000 words to one of my original series "Crescent Valley High" Name subject to change. It is older writing, so rougher around the edges, but the storyline is very compelling. 

I'm not sure what audience Reality Squared will attract. I have only sent it to one person thus far, and worry that the characters aren't engaging enough. I really need more betas, but I am going to attempt to finish the book first this time, rather than trying to get feedback early. 

I figure I will be able to start on Lee & Jacqueline soon as well, being a novella it shouldn't take me too long to write. And not only that, but it's an easier storyline to write and follow.

Everything has been so surprising from my beta reads, take a look at some of the awesome comments I received about Madalynne & Parker or me in general:

Well I'm glad to say you brought tears to my eyes. I felt a sense of betrayal with Parker's secret liaison with Jacqueline. I felt bad for Parker when Maddie falls for Lee. But then again both of them made mistakes.

I really enjoyed reading your book and I hope my feedback will help you make it better. Thanks for letting me read it. I look forward to the finished product.

For the most part the story has great bones. It will appeal to the Y A audience. Its not explicit and dramatic or over written.

If this is your first are gifted! I have read absolute crap and the books were published that way. Yours far surpassed being novice! Let me read when you finish just to see final product!

 I also thought the ending was great and enjoyed that we, as readers, got to find out what happened with Jacqueline & Lee

First, I love the character names.
This was an incredibly sweet story, and I rooted for Parker and Maddy the entire time.

 It was a quick read, which was nice and relaxing.

I really need to go to bed, like now. I've spent the entire day packing and writing...time for some shut eye. Tata!