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Sunday, November 03, 2019

Never Trust a Bad Boy by Kira Adams

So as I have briefly mentioned, I have a new book coming out...finally!

It's called Never Trust a Bad Boy and it's part of a multi-author series in which all books are standalones. There are 5 total books in the series. I finally got NTABB onto GR, so you can add it to your TBR list here

I've been terrible at updating in general, so this is my attempt. Check out an excerpt from my upcoming release here and stay tuned for November 26th when it releases. :)

He enters the room, his presence sucking the air out of it. He holds his head up, his lowered eyes casting over the abandoned space. “How are you doing, Mija? Did they treat you okay?” He reaches his hand out to my face, caressing the side of it.
His concern is not genuine. This is his favorite game – make me think that he actually cares about someone other than himself and then shatter that as soon as a few moments pass by. The only thing I can do is nod silently.
He crouches down so that he is eye level to me. My heart pounds against my ribcage. He tucks some of my hair behind my ears like a doting father and then takes a deep breath. “Where’s the money, Kail?”
For a moment, his words don’t even digest. My focus is on his faux fatherly gestures that were always something I yearned for but never got. Even as a baby, he probably held me a handful of times. Eduardo could never be described as loving.